Buy New Home - Most New Postings Are "under Offer"

Hi there community.

We are looking at buying our first home, just got pre approved and have been looking at the market go crazy in North Brisbane, but every time I contact a real estate agent to inspect a property, it's already "under offer"

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to land the perfect place before it's sold to someone else?

Are there any real estate agent here?

I'm looking at Alderley / Enoggera / Wilston region in Brisbane


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    Have deposit ready and be very flexible for viewings.

  • Try auctions?

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    Yes - you absolutely need to phone the agents directly, tell them you are pre-approved, tell them exactly what you want, and tell them to please let you know immediately of any upcoming listings. They will love you because they will have a real buyer who won't waste their time.

    Your other issue - why are homes "under offer" by the time you see them?

    By the time a listing goes onto the Websites, the agents have had the listing for a few weeks.

    They have signed an agreement with the seller, they have taken photos, they have edited it, written it up.. and chosen the date to list the house.
    But in a hot market like what you're describing, by the time you see it online, lots of people on their "genuine, approved buyers" list have already had a chance to see it and make an offer. You need to become those people who are on the early list. You will know about it before the photos are taken. you will know about it before the fancy marketing is done.

    Even after selling to a pre-list buyer, they will 100% still list it on the website as marketing and branding for their company.

    So - write a standard email describing EXACTLY what you're looking. Exact budget. Suburbs. Size. Features.
    But don't send this email until you speak directly to an agent in every major agency in your towns, and discuss your needs. THEN send it to them and they will be expecting it.

    • This.

      Thanks a lot for that.
      As a new buyer, I have no idea about this type of stuff.
      Ideally we would need to buy before the end of the year so hopefully we can find something soon but every single property that ticks our boxes is already under offer before we can even inspect it!

      Will 100% start contacting real estate agents directly.
      Do you know if we can see the properties before they are online?

      Hopefully we can put an offer within the next month

  • Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to land the perfect place before it's sold to someone else?

    Buy the perfect place before someone else does ;)