Sites to Buy Refurbished iPhone?

Came across boost's refurb apple gear they had a deal recently that wasn't too bad - 10% off phones. Their iPhone 11 Pro sold fast. Just wondering if anyone knows of other sites to grab refurbished stuff at a good price? I'm looking to upgrade my 8 but don't wan to spend over a 1k on the new stuff


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    Green gadgets. Sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off coupon.

    • ty. reputable? launch price of 11 pro max was about 1.9k according to this site, this site is selling for $900 about 50% off or $500 per year

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        I personally bought my S8+ then S10+ from them on Amazon - then direct to their site for XS for around $550. Note on Amazon you cannot choose what condition - what they sell there is normally - 'good' condition - which means most part looks new but if you look really close you may notice light scratches here and there. I don't pay attention to what I bought for S8+ but it was almost nothing wrong with it. My S10+ is 'Good' condition - thus light scratches but most part is as new. The XS I bought for wife and she wanted better condition thus I bought her Excellent one, thus it's almost nothing wrong with it.

        On their site you can choose item condition in case you want it better than 'good'. Their $919 is limtied to Gold and 64GB and 'Good' condition. They also sell brand new one for $1249 for the same gold/64gb. Their refurbished 256gb in SPace gray is $1199 for excellent or $1119 for Very good condition.

        Standard way they ship was in plain box (thus don't expect Apple box or original Samsung box) - with a generic charger and cable.

        They do express to all their shipment, thus you get it fast. 6 Months warranty but I'm pretty sure you can push a longer for ACL.

        • thanks that was very informative. i'm still seeing my options and what i want to spend.

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    You missed the 12 for 949 from Telstra day deal. Or 979 from JB/Officeworks recently.

    • yeah i missed that. well i saw it but didn't want to spend $949 but great deal none the less

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        Or 12 mini for $699. Otherwise, just wait as Telstra has monthly deal. Other retailers may discount older generations as well.

        • I'm in no rush, didn't know about the regular Telstra deals. ty

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