Home improvement required building permit

I am planning to rebuild the deck - currently 14x6 and new planning to do 8x8 (shorter and wider) do I need plan & permit from council.

We are planning to put a fake grass in backyard - where neighbour says we need a gutter at the end of fake grass to STOP water?? and council support it? Do you think my gutter will stop flood? I have never seen a gutter at end of fake grass. - any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.


  • Do you live in a house or a strata unit?

    Which council you live in?

    I don't understand your gutter rant

      1. A house
      2. Knox City Council
      3. In a back yard I have added fake grass. My neighbor walk in one day that - if you dont put a gutter at the end, all water slide down to my home. I said I will ask renovator re: your issue. Reno guy said that water will go down the grass ( he put about 6cm rock, sand, etc) - Today council visited the house and asked us to put down gutter at the end of lawn before the fence!!
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    Yes you need permits.

    A gutter is not mandatory, but what is mandatory is that no water ingress flows onto your neighbours property - which may require….. a gutter to prevent.

    Speak to a pro.

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    I would have thought the fake grass would be a permeable surface and not require drainage.

    • That was my understanding as well. It is not a concrete which requires gutter.

    • Unfortunately it's not and it is very prone to ponding/flooding.

  • Get your head outta the gutter and fake it til you make it

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    Completely on the side of your neighbour and council
    Artificial turf over time will clog with fine particles and sand and eventually become impermeable, effectively the same as a 100% paved area - which would require drainage.
    The gutter is to prevent this from overflowing onto your neighbour.

    My tip is don't get artificial turf.
    It looks fake
    boiling hot in the sun
    Impermeable after time.

    Councils have policies banning the use of it on verges due to the above reasons.

    Just get normal grass or landscape it.

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      We have artificial turf in our front yard.

      Everything you have said is correct.

      My husband loves it because he’s lazy and he doesn’t have to do anything. I can’t wait to put in proper grass one day. I’m dreading this summer as it’s our first with a walking toddler and I’m going to have to not let him outside to play when even moderately warm.

  • fake grass will drain fine if you put a proper base underneath it.

    • It has 3 various level of stones - totalling 10CM in front side and about 30 CM at back side.

  • check ur council
    for mines it was if smaller than 20 square metres, not 1 metre above ground and at least 70 cm from fence and the roof had drainage into the roof, didn't need approval

    also make sure it neighbours are ok and won't complain

  • Fake grass is shit af

  • Deck: just do it, but properly ie not too close to boundary, not too high, not impacting neighbours privacy. No idea if legal or not.

    Grass: YOU are responsible for ensuring that your water does not run off to the neighbours property. If the water is not infiltrating through the green outdoor carpet, you need to work out how to stop it running into the neighbours property. You’ll need to install a gutter, drain or some sort of water retention and diversion.