Gaming Headset Bargains for Big Heads?


Any recent bargains spotted for big headed folk? I'm feeling like upgrading my ancient A30s as they've always been a bit small for me, for my Series X and future PS5 play…

I see EB Games seems to have a reasonable percentage of quite a lot of headsets, but Rig 500 looked like the most likely option for big heads -

Any thoughts on this or other options?



  • I have a massive melon and I have the RIG 800 series. Had this pair for about 2 years and no issues with quality of either the sound or the material used to make the headphones.

    They are an open back design, so some people dont like that and want total outside sound isolation. I have a wife that lets me game on the proviso that if she calls out, I need to be able to hear her. I also like them because I dont feel like I am yelling when I use them and can more clearly hear myself.

  • Koss UR20 suits me and my boof head.. Comfy for long periods

  • Hyper X Cloud II -

    Worked well on my big head. Only got rid of them because I wanted wireless. Great sound too, well regarded.

    For headsize reference, I can't wear crowns that come out of bonbons so apparently bigger than average.