Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating 3L Rice Cooker - Congee

I have the Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating 3L Rice Cooker which has a Congee function.

I like the Congee consistency at yum cha.

What is the ratio of jasmine rice to water and also how long to cook it for? Instructions doesn't give any guidance.



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    Hi haven't used this particular cooker for congee but I probably will use 1:7 ratio for rice vs water

    • OK.. usually 1:7 is quite thick on the stove, but within a rice cooker may be different due to less evaporation.


  • You probably need to add your own msg or something to make it taste like the one at yum cha. :)

    • Most likely :) and Salt.

      • In terms of how long you to cook it, you probably need to cook it till the grains are semi-falling apart, otherwise your congee will taste watery, or you can cheat by mixing in some cornstarch solution.

        • Cheers. Will try without cornstarch but maybe that's what they use at the restaurants.

          Default cooking time is 1:30hr with the rice cooker.

          I can set it for up to 4 hours with this rice cooker and will happily do so if I don't have to stir (so I don't burn it).

          • @JimB: Have fun experimenting. :)

            Once you have mastered mushy congee, you can also try it with a bit of ginger and chicken stock instead of water.

            • @geek001: Thank you.

              Happy to put in Ginger and have cooked it with chicken stock before but that's slightly different from the yum cha version (without chicken stock). The flavour is most likely MSG as you stated.

              I've never been able to replicate the yum cha or Supper Inn (for those in Melbourne) style.. mine's always more watery or too thick.. I'll try your tip with cornstarch.

              Due to lockdown, I'm missing yum cha and Supper Inn congee and xo pippies (bad service and all lol).

              • @JimB: Let me know what you find. Yum cha congee is the best!