AliExpress No Longer Refunding - Alternatives?

Hi everyone!

Aliexpress is still technically accepting disputes for damaged or unrecieved items, but their dispute page is now broken. I've bought maybe 30-40 things and had to get refunds for maybe 5-10 in the past? Which was a hassle but worked. Now the dispute form gets stuck later on at a broken image uploader (yes I tried Chrome, IE and in their app) even for refunding when items are not received. So there's no way of finalising disputes anymore, and anyone who's used Aliexpress in the past knows there's no such thing as contactable customer service.

Ah well it was only $12 so who cares, I've saved a lot more than that over the years! But, I won't be ordering from them any more, not worth the risk now that I can't get refunds for missing items.

Does anyone have any good alternatives?

I should note that I'd like somewhere I can buy ehem cough wink adult items. By which I mean giant dongs at miniature prices.

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    I did a dispute last week for an item that wasn't shipped and it all worked fine for me. How long have you been trying for it? It could be just a bug at the moment.

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      For a few days now, I figured knowing AliExpress it was intentional but maybe I'm just unlucky. I've tried different devices, different browsers, different networks, etc., so it's definitely not possible, at least for me. They've forced me to upload evidence to continue and it's not possible to upload anything.

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    When you say "AliExpress No Longer Refunding", do you mean that you just couldn't get the page to load? Do you have a link to this new policy?

    • Think the OP couldn't upload their evidence.

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    I suggest prob clearing your cache, cookies etc…… log out then log back in again.

    I wouldn't think a huge corporate would change their refund process drastically or stop people from opening a case.

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      Tried everything, it's not possible to continue. I think AliExpress could easily get away with making the process impossible.

      Anyway just wanting alternatives, can you suggest any?

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    Holy clickbait title batman.

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      Holy helpful comment Robin

  • Got a refund for item which was sent back to seller for some issue from customs in china. Took hardly 2 minutes to appear back in my paypal balance.

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    I deleted my account after they failed to provide a refund. I raised it with my financial institution who were able to refund me. Apparently I wasn't the only one to have the issue and they are now considering banning payments to the merchant due to various issues.

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    I received a broken item during the week and was able to upload evidence and was refunded…?

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    Have you tried using the app?

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      Yeah, tried every possible device/platform/network it's not possible to upload, at least on my account.

  • I had the broken uploader issue on the app which was frustrating as hell, in the end I logged on using the webpage and it worked fine…

  • I've done 3 disputes the past week, all 3 worked fine. On IOS app.

  • No issues getting refunds here.