"Intrusive" ADs in The Front Page

Hi guys/mods,

Since recent a few days/a week, ads in the front page became "intrusive". My mobile browser (not widely used) will identify them as "videos" and will launch video player itself.

Wondering what has changed recently for the ad configuration of OZB website? I'm asking because I didn't make changes of my browser (change settings, upgrade/downgrade) and it had no issues before.

I'll have to disable the ad in my OZB settings to browse normally and that's what I wouldn't like to do:(


  • You are complaining about ads but also don't want to disable them?

    • The user would like to support the site by keeping ads on, but doesnt want intrusive ads (which shouldn't be there), it's a completely reasonable request.

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      yeah, ad is one of the important income sources of ozbargain I think? So better not to disable them

    • Thanks mate, only two options available now.
      1. Text/Image ads
      2. No ads

      • Select "no ads", save, and no ads on OzBargain when you log in.

        Are you on iPhone? Haven't seen any take-over ads on Android for a while.

    • We'll need to update that FAQ, I just double checked and there is no 'text only' ad option anymore. Basically just ads on or off.

      Edit: Done

  • Complaint on ozbargain forum? Quick, report to ACCC!

  • There shouldn't be any ads like that, but sometimes some slip through. If you (or any other member) could report the landing page to us, if it happens again in the future, then we can send it to the upstream provider so they can block/remove the rogue ad.

    Feel free to use Twam or email to contact us with those details.

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      Thanks mod, I'll keep my eye on this and see if there are certain ads to cause this

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      Hi mod, here is one of them, confirmed it's a video.

      • Thanks! scotty has reported it to the upstream provider now.

        • Cheers!

      • So when you said "will launch video player itself" you meant the video is playing from inside the browser, rather than launching a new app?

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          Nah, it's the browser built-in video player, not launching a new app. But not much difference as it will be playing full screen.

          The screenshot was taken after closing the full screen video player.

          • @1000060: No problem. I'll check the upstream to remove those take-over full screen video ads. They should not be served on this website in the first place.

  • I've always wondered why OzBargain doesn't scrap advertising all together and just go with the odd sponsored post or something. Keeping it inhouse means getting around adblockers (most don't block anything on a local domain) and no risk of it slipping through the net like with this one.

    Personally I'm so scared of getting malware delivered by an ad again I'm extremely wary of unblocking any page, although props to OzBargain being by far the best website I've seen for tracking/scripts/ads I've ever seen (I just turned my adblocker off because I noticed there's only one thing, Google Analytics).

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      Because we do not want to deal with "sponsors". All deals are voted up by our community users, and having sponsored posts mean some deals are paid for, and we will feel obligated to promote sponsors' offers, take negative comment removal requests, etc.

      Having most of our revenue coming from programmatic display ads means that even I have no idea who are the advertisers, and feel no obligation to please anyone who might have paid us.

      • Thanks for the answer! Makes a lot of sense, I hadn't thought of the obligation side of things, just the tech side.

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    This site has ads?
    uBlock Origin + AdGuard DNS server must be working I guess.. hehe

  • Ads disabled now. Thanks for the heads up admin ha