Liquorland Click and Collect Looks Likes Phishing

Hey all, if you are anything like me then over the last while you have probably been getting plenty of scam calls and text messages which have malicious links and the rest telling you packages are ready for collection if you click links or go to certain web pages.

To me at least they are always give themselves away because they have bad grammar or unfinished sentences or strange links…so i can pick them fairly easily, block the sender and get on with my life.

I did recently do a click and collect order for liquorland and received a couple of text messages from a random number that were very poorly worded, contained shortened links and were generally very similar in style and format to actual phishing messages. The shortened link was only to a map of where the shop was…I had to select that at the order time so I didnt really need it again

In my mind there are some fairly easy changes the legitimate businesses could do to make themselves come across as legit like:

  • Having messages proof read
  • Using numbers that are on the Smart ID list so they come up as business names when they come in
  • Not using links where they are unnecessary and are shortened

What other ways can they make themselves look more legit, and what have you managed to do to stop scam messages getting to your phone???

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  • The shortened link was only to a map of where the shop was

    A proper phishing link would lead you to a page that asks you for your login and password, not just show you a map of where to pick up the alcohol that you ordered.

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      I think the point is that the SMS looks like a phishing message so people are going to delete and block. It is dumb to tap a link in am SMS like that so no one is going to find out if it is asking for name and password before they delete it.

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        Someone who's gone through the process of putting through an order will likely be expecting that SMS.

        I would hope that the person who implemented the whole SMS system had enough common sense to at least have included the words "Your Liquorland Order" or something similar in the text.

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          This is the text:

          Your order is ready to collect at [suburb] [ link]. Please bring ID with you when collecting order.

          Not sure what OP means by poorly worded.

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      Ya sorry you missed the point, by the time you have clicked on an unsolicited shortened url to see if it is safe you have already made a mistake

      • So don't click on random links in text messages …

      • You are over cautious. Chemist warehouse, Woolwoths, Big W all send SMS with this kind of links for C&C orders.

        You probably receive them at the same time as email notification.