Apple Music Streaming Data Free on Boost Mobile

Apple Music was data free to stream on Boost Mobile and I have been happily streaming music for the last couple of years. There is no reference to it still being data free on the Boost website. Has this been removed from the offer and now Apple Music is chewing through my mobile data? Anyone know about this?

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  • Do you have it set to lossless? Don't think that is free and will rip through your data.

    • This is what I’m worried about. I’m not using lossless but it was a good deal with unlimited data streaming before and I’m hoping someone can tell me it’s still a thing.

  • From what i can see Apple Music is Data Free on Boost
    Lossless streaming was included in the free data streaming option

    New Plans do not seem to be promoting it however i am on a new plan now
    Streamed apple music (lossless) all day yesterday, data has not gone down.
    Have asked boost on FB for clarity but not yet got a response.

    • Much appreciated mate. It’s a big selling point for Boost and when I didn’t see it on their website anymore I thought I could chew through my annual data fast.

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        Boost has replied
        Apple Music streaming is still offered but not promoted.
        Lossless is included :)

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          Thanks for that! That is great news. Every time I call Boost I get someone overseas and I could just imagine asking them if Apple Music streaming is included and then having to explain what Apple Music is. My faith in call centres has waned over the years. Lossless streaming it is!