Ergotune Office Chair Feedback or Experience

Looking for any feedback on this brand of office chair. They seem to be a Singaporean company but have a presence in Australia at least from of a distribution standpoint. Looks like they have a 12 year warranty which seems good but no idea how long they'll be around for.

Can't find much about them in terms of reviews but the chair reminds of the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2.

Hoping some one out there has one of these chairs and can provide some feedback.


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    Haven't heard of them and would personally go with the tried and true Ergohuman for a similar price, unless it was around $500 including shipping.
    You can get a $30 discount by signing up, but you can also get a $30 coupon for the Ergohuman at Temple & Webster.

    It's only an 8 year warranty, unless you share a photo/video of the chair on social media, then they give you an additional 4 years (12 year total).
    So you advertise for them, and they give you the additional 4 years warranty.

    The 12 year warranty basically only covers the metal components of the chair, not the mesh upholstery, which is similar to most companies in all fairness. However the mesh is likely the failure mechanism. "Normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, the wear and tear or degradation of mesh, top portion of armrests, lumbar support, exterior of castors, variance of tightness of mechanisms".

    This is were long term reviews would be helpful, given there aren't any, they'd need to offer a big discount for me to bite.

    $49 returns to NSW if it doesn't physically suit you, but you have to contact the team in Singapore to inform them of your intent to return.

    Their Refund & Return policy was just updated on the 20/09. This may indicate that they've just launched in Oz and may be enough to turn punters away.

    It may be worth a gamble and could become a new OzBargain favourite, like the Ergohuman. But theres really no motivation to try something virtually unheard of for a similar price to the tried and trusted Ergohuman.

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    Actually got the ergohuman v2 today and was disappointed I could not move the headrest forward and backward only up and down (which is my fault for not reading the description). But it seems the ergotune (supreme) has more adjustment to the headrest as well as full 360 degree rotation of the armrests. It also has a nicer overall design in my opinion. Would be interested in hearing how the two compare if anyone has tried both. But yea ergohuman is a known brand with a good warranty, so cant really go wrong with either.

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    It does look like an interesting proposition. But unfortunately there's not enough reviews online on this, so i wouldn't risk buying this unless I could sit on it first.

    Return policy doesn't look amazing either:

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    I actually messaged them a few days ago if they could do an Ozbargain coupon, we must be on the same ad targeting profile :P

    • hahah, yep I originally saw them on FB and now have been blasted with retargeting. I tried to reach out to them via FB regarding trying out the chairs but yet hear anything back. I noticed on their AU webpage they have one of those spin the wheels to unlock a discount code. Best I could get was $30 off.