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Dettol Profresh Shower Gel Body Wash Lemon and Lime 950ml $4.25 @ Woolworths


One of OzBargain's favourite body washes, rarely discounted, especially by 1/2 Price.

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  • Is it a Pie Maker that smells like a Shower Gel or a Shower Gel that smells like Lemon Pie?
    Instructions unclear.

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      Haha, fixed.

      EDIT: Accidentally linked to the wrong product.

  • Damn I needed a shower gel so I bought the dove one when it was 30% off

  • Thanks OP. Just bought this morning with the full price tag but only 1/2 price on check out.

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    It has Methylchoroisothiazolinone (allergen), methylsothiazolinone (allergen, irritant) which are not very good for you. Number of other ingridients which only pose limited risk so I would not worry about them.

  • My local store is selling at $6.3

  • Tried to buy it but out of stock everywhere.