Alternative to the JBL Link Portable Speaker?

Does anyone know of a good alternative to the JBL Link Portable? With bluetooth and wi-fi, USB-C, charging cradle, waterproof, built in Google and at an incredible price? This amazing little speaker seems to have been discontinued.

Alternatively, did anyone buy several back during this and have one they'd be willing to sell? :D


  • Hi,

    There doesn't seem to be stock.

    BigW have some JVC Product
    but you probably won't find the JBL unit at that price around.

  • I recently bought 2x Tronsmart T6 Plus as a portable Left and Right speaker pair from AmazonAu .
    Pretty happy with the sound, gets good reviews.

    There is no built-in google assistant or Siri in the speaker, but if you pair the speaker with your smartphone over Bluetooth, as long as your phone within connection range, you can command your cellphone by voice and hear the sound coming out from the speaker, or press the volume wheel for 3s to activate your phone's voice-assistant and talk to the speaker directly, please do know, the ultimate response is from and depends on the Built-in AI in your cellphone, not the speaker itself.

  • OP from that deal. I have two lying around in my apartment in different rooms and take one into the shower with me haha.

    They're pretty good and are better quality than their predecessor (Link 10, which I owned - it died after 1.5 years). For some reason I can't link them together in a Home Group, which is a bit annoying.

    Hope you're able to still find one at a decent price. It's a shame no other brands have come out with a similar speaker.

    • Nice one! Have you tried updating the firmware? Seen a few reviews that stated this fixed some of the issues.

      Thank you. It seems crazy other companies aren't making Wi-Fi Portable Smart Speakers (except Sonos, with their new Roam). Maybe it's not as big a thing as I imagine.

      • I think there isn't a way to force firmware updates as Google Home handles all of that.

        Having said that I just checked the firmware versions of the two speakers and they seem to be different. I just did a reset on one of the speakers and now they can be added to the same Home Group (despite different firmware versions haha)

  • This is my favourite also and wish I had grabbed a few more when they were on such great offers. the charging base is super handy.

    Best of luck with your search.

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