Galaxy S21 Dnd Do Not Disturb

For the s21, set up dnd schedule from 10pm to 9am.
Every day.

But most days something beeps at around 7.30am. I look at my notifications and dnd is off. I see messages and emails, but nothing has a timestamp of the beep.

For example I get the notification sound at 7:37. I see dnd is off. I look at notifications and there are emails at 1:30 a.m., 4 a.m., and the weather update at 7:34 a.m.

How do I find out which notification it is?

Does DnD turn off because I touched the phone or something to look at the time, and it assumes that I am up?

A notification sounds be stored, for example it's thinking I'm up and plays all the sounds from 1 a.m. etc?


  • On the DND menu are there any exceptions listed? If so, maybe remove all exceptions?

    • I had 'priority conversations' which is now off. I don't know what makes priority.
      However, is the schedule supposed to work?

      • Are the apps set to 'none' as well in the DND exceptions?

        • yes apps list is empty.
          alarms are allowed but I have no alarms set (lockdown)
          reminders/cal all off

          • @furyou: Try a reboot and see how you go in the morning

            • @MS Paint: I'll see. The sad thing about this is also I've needed to reboot many times because google assistant would just say an error occurred no matter what I asked. Google home also. My old phone I wouldn't reboot in 2 weeks.
              I wonder if something is set wrong.

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    On Samsung phones you can download an official Samsung app called 'Nice Catch' from the Galaxy store. It shows you a log of every notification, what type of notification (did it just vibrate, full screen etc) and what time it happened. I suggest giving that a try to find out what it was.

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      I got this. I saw no category about just notification.

      Today the phone notification rang at 7.33. I think it's exactly 733 each day. I have a yahoo finance notification from 7.26.

      In nice catch there is settings change by device care and always on display at 7:26. In detect commercials that are for entries by Chrome at the same time.

      I have a Bixby routine that goes into battery saving mode when I am sleeping. Could that somehow have decided I woke up at 7.26 and ran everything?

      Last night I did check the D&D did come on. This morning the dnd was off before the proper scheduled time.

      • I did recreate the dnd schedule. Nice catch showed that Android system turned off dnd at 7am. It did this yesterday too, but also throughout the morning it turns D&D and dark mode on and off several times at random times for no reason.

  • Try delete your dnd settings, and recreate the schedule.

    • I did a reboot and try to do a change and save. I'm going to delete it completely and try again

  • Some games modify system settings. If I game at night some ads turn up the volume and drive everyone sleeping nuts.
    Apple users all laughing at us!