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Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Soap Refills 1L $3.25 ($2.93 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    WDF Melbourne Earthquake

    First time in my life

  • Is this the one that's way too watery? Usually Palmolive hand soaps are good but this one was thin like green-coloured water. Didn't pump properly. Or maybe I just got a bad batch? Anyone else get this?

    • The two I got last time were good. They were the white tea varieties.

      • Yeah I got the white tea once before too, and it was fine.

        Just this green lime one was totally watery. Maybe I just got a bad batch or something…

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          Isn't it "watery" because it goes to the foaming dispenser like this?: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652739

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            @pizzaguy: Ah! You are right, that's it!

            Thanks, I didn't realise. The labels are so similar.

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              @ItsMeAgro: Seems like I also confused products in the two deals, but yeah.

              Apparently you can water down regular liquid soap and it's going to be fine for foaming dispensers.

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      If it's watery, it's probably the foaming soap.

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        Ah that's why! Yes I re-checked the label and the one I have says FOAMING at the bottom.


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          No prob. Just get a foaming dispenser and you're good to go! I have a couple of each dispenser types scattered around the place. So if I am low on one particular type of soap and I see it's on sale, I will get that. It's easy to miss though at first glance as they are almost identical.

    • Mabye they changed it where just the soap itself can lather in your hands without your hands being wet.

    • You did not get a bad batch. I got the same ones from BigW and they are indeed watery. Other varieties are fine

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      You ain't the only one, I also got the foaming one without realising they are different products. :D

    • I got the foaming dispenser, and 2 bottles of the foaming refill. A bit watery, doesn't give a plump load of foam like what was originally in the dispenser bottle. Currently emailing Palmolive cs to ask them what's up…

  • Thanks Op. Got five.

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    Damn, I want the foaming one.

  • Need deal in Foaming one. My Favourites