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50% off All Mattress Ranges (Grandeur Mattress: SB $276, Double $357, Queen $399, King $453) @ Mattress Crafters


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All 50% OFF discount on all products on the website
Auto Discount Applied at check out

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    LABOUR DAY SALE - 50% off

    A bit early for labour day… It's still 6 months away…

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      It's the 6th of October for NSW, ACT and SA.

  • Bought one of these recently @ 40% off. Pretty happy, fast delivery. Did think they were made in Australia but alas - Chinese import.

    • We appreciate hearing that you are happy with our mattress. Mattress Crafters are designed in Australia and manufactured in PRC to provide a good quality mattress at an affordable price to our customers.

  • Not really 50% off - quick search shows lower initial prices on mydeal and catch than what is listed on the wesbite…

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      The website is the lowest price. :) However, you can also purchase from other marketplaces.

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        Sure but the lowest price is not the same as 50% off… The title is misleading.

  • Just be aware with these guys that they dont accept change of mind returns if you dont like the mattress. This is something to always check with Mattress in a box companies.

    Many do accept returns and have a 100nights, 150 nights guaratee return as you cant test them in a store beforehand (eg. Sleeping duck, koala etc) but these guys dont.

    • Mattress Crafters provides *comfort guarantee. 45nights to 100night various on models. *Terms and conditions applied.
      Please check;

      • thanks, didnt scroll down far enough, only saw the answer under "how do i return the product?"

        its still important to keep in mind the refund is minus the freight charges, which could be upto $50-$100 depending on location.

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          We have over 50 years mattress experience along with hundreds of Mattress Crafters happy customers.
          We believe brands that offer a free return, their mattress prices are calculated at all costs. However, we do not ask other customers to cover these.

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    So from this deal in April:


    At 25% off the mattress above (2.2 Superior Comfort) was available for $209 (Single)

    But with this current deal at 50% the same mattress from above costs $345 (Single)

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      Please understand we were testing the online market with customers. Also, due to covid 19 most materials and freight prices are increased dramatically.

      • Which makes this not a deal, no?

        • It is deal 50% on the Website. It will be hard to find a better price with our mattress ingredients, especially high coil gauge spring supports. :)

          • @MCnZeds: I beg to differ. One that comes to mind is zzz atelier. $319 for their black label in queen size.

            • @j0hnd0e: Cannot find detailed material ingredients information from them.

                • @j0hnd0e: You can find our available models,
                  2.1 Coil gauge support
                  2.2 Coil gauge support
                  2.3 Coil gauge support
                  by explaining what they make different from our descriptions.
                  Also, ingredient details with images.
                  Unfortunately, I cannot see from them what are inside.

                  • @MCnZeds: Lol, those are just mumbo jumbo marketing keywords. "Heavy duty coil" is not ingredient details.

                    • @j0hnd0e: We are sharing detailed information with our customers to provide GOOD BETTER BEST comfort sleep. :) I believe most brands are not sharing details.

                      • @MCnZeds: I don't see any detailed information on your page as you said.

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    not worth now

    • I am disappointed to hear that you feel not worth it now. It is hard to tell only with prices. We have confidence with over 50 years of manufacturing mattress experience in Australia.