How to ship bath in from China?

Hi guys.

I am doing a renovation and found a bath from a manufacturer in China that I am interested in. It is about 1/3 of the price as the same bath is here
Does anyone know what is involved and what sort of costs can be expected when organising shipping of a 200kg bath from China?

What type of company is it that I need to engage to do this?
Anyone done something similar and can comment on the process?


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    Shipping costs alone would negate any savings to be had. Even if shipping was to be organised it'd take months via sea freight.

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      The bath I want is 3.3k locally.
      Direct from manufacturer is 1.2k AUD.
      Would shipping really be that much?

      Not worried about timings.

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        probably 1500 worth of shipping an import duties and 4-5months for delivery

      • Surely the seller has contacts to organise freight? I suppose their challenge is this is LCL not FCL like they're accustomed to.

        Also, once it's landed, the fees rack up fairly quickly too:
        - Customs clearance + duty + GST
        - AQIS probably want their cut too
        - wharf and its associated fees
        - someone go fetch it from the wharf and delivered to your place (I suspect 200kg means loading and unloading will be challenging?)

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          Then you find there might be a scratch on it.

          It is $3.3k locally for a reason.

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          - OzBargain consulting fees

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        You'll pay at least a grand to get it to your door, ignore what was mentioned below. its usually around a month, but id allow 2-2.5 in the current climate of international freight.

        Just keep it simple, ask for a DDP delivery cost.

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        Its $1.2k AUD + shipping + import fees + GST. + No warranty

        So its say about $1k to ship a 200 kg LARGE bulky object, that is $2.2k + GST, so about $2.5k, add some import fees etc, You be saving anything from $1k to $500.

        Is it worth it?

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          Definitely not.

      • Shipping itself isn't that much expensive, to be honest.
        Freight with a volume of 1 cubic meter typically costs $400-600. Could be less if you can find the right freight forwarding company.

    • Ship it in a container ship filled with other baths. Simply buy from a local retailer or distributor who has done this.

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    Throw it in the Ocean and wait?

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      Still probably quicker than Australia Post doing the final mile delivery

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        And less likely to get lost.

      • Australia Post is good… they're better than most courier companies. Peeps need to stop shitting on them IMO

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      pay a really like chinese kid to row it over

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    Bath go on boat
    Boat go to Australia
    Bath come off boat

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      bath go in water, then water go in bath

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      But Australia doesn't like boats coming in..

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    Attach outboard motor, sell outboard motor after use = profit

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    Shipping is based off dimensional weight for large items so you'd be paying as if it were a lot more than 200kg. Might be worth, probably isn't. Contact freight companies with the dimensions and get quotes. That's the only way you can be sure.

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      I thought OzBargain gold members got free access to shipping consultancy services?

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        Platinum - yes
        Gold - no

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    Can you post a link to said bath?

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    Buy the bath.

    Contact people smugglers.

    Charge $1000 a head for sea trip to Australia (oars included)


  • Possibly contact an Australian freight forwarder, give details, and ask them to arrange for you. Forwarder will charge a commission, but will do all the paper work and freighting for you, and maybe many less hassles.

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    I've heard everything…

  • lol, why bother ?

    • In an effort to save money? This is ozbargain yeah?

  • paint it black, draw some nuclear symbols on each side and Scomo will get it to you in no time. Avoid any blue/white/red packaging

    seriously though, have you asked the company directly? My neighbour got a fireplace and windows sent over from China, took a few months but it got here in the end and he saved money

  • do it!

  • You could make it worth it if you filled the container with all your renovation supplies. Furniture as well.

    • Reno is almost finished unfortunately.

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    It is about 1/3 of the price as the same bath is here

    have you wondered why it's 1/3 the price? It's not that the local company is trying to rort you, it's that they bought it from the same supplier but brought it over and paid all the import fees and transport fees you'll have to pay.

    TBH I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing you MORE doing it this way. Plus what if it gets damaged?

    Don't deal with the headache to try and save a few dollars (or not at all). Just get it from the local place.

    Also consider warranty. Do you really want to deal with warranty claims with a company in China who will tell you to sod off, or a local Aus company?

    • Yeah I know the local company isn't trying to rort, but this is ozbargain and if I can save 1k, it's worth at least looking into.
      Not too worried about warranty on a solid bath.

      • Not too worried about warranty on a solid bath.

        You're never worried about a warranty, until you need it.

        Also, transport would be changing hands many times in transit so have to consider damage that way too. not worth it imo.

  • I'd love to know what this would cost.

    My bet is it will at least negate the financial savings (not to mention the grief that could so easily arise).

    In general terms, I've found international shipping to be hideously expensive. I once examined getting a bicycle imported from HK and the costs were simply exorbitant. Somewhere in the several hundreds of dollars from memory.

  • Take a shower instead for a year, calculate the savings made and use that to justify paying full price.

    • Weird suggestion.

  • $3.3k for a bath???????? Do you bathe in champagne as well?

    • Our house isn't a cheap volume builder house where you just slap a cheap plastic bath in.

      • Gotta keep up with the Jones'.

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          Or perhaps I have a nice house (in my view) that warrants having a nice bath?

          • @lockmc: Good on you, a great bathroom is worth it. We went reasonably high end for our bathroom and would spend even more if we were doing it again.
            The sheer amount of work in a bath Reno makes the cost of really nice fittings not a big deal at all.

    • Not everyone buys their stuff from Ikea. Nice things cost money believe it or not. It's amazing how we have gotten used to the idea of luxury being cheap. Every cheap ass apartment has "luxury fittings" which are just plated pieces of crap.

      $3k for a bath isn't anywhere near the maximum you could spend.

  • A few years ago we were about to renovate both bathrooms and the laundry and looked at getting most of the stuff from China in a container. We were over there at the time and looked at quality stuff at excellent prices compared to OZ. They are generally happy to deliver direct to a service that will assemble, pack and deliver to a vessel. It is all possible, but wasn’t worth it financially.
    Quality Chinese stuff is less expensive than here, but still costs.
    We always look for bargains etc so got high quality German taps etc at a great price here, etc etc. Tiles are always on some sort of special. Baths, basins all have specials and screens are always bespoke anyway.
    You need to factor in the actual cost if you shop around, and you can do really well here if you shop around.
    Ask to retailer of that bath you like for a good deal, or keep your eye on it and get it on discount when they do a 20% off sale.
    Safer, easier and less hassle.

  • The only way this can work is buy several of the same item because shipping cost per unit goes down when delivered in quantities. Then sell the rest to cover your cost. I have done this successfully and turned a profit but this is calculated risk and the item is highly popular so it was easy to sell.

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