30% off All Products + $10 Shipping @ Nutreat


Get 30% off nutreat products now. Only avaiable for a short time. Selected items included. Choose from either plant based or family formula now.

Don't miss out! Nutreat is made for the whole family!! Prices to clear.

Nutreat Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. All Nutreat products are proudly made in Australia using locally sourced ingredients.
Nutreat Pty Ltd combines an experienced team of Australian healthcare experts including dietitians, speech pathologists and food technologists led by Jo Flannery, nutritionist and dietitian.

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  • +2

    You know what else is a plant based food? Plants - like fruit and vegetables.

    I like to feed my family food.

  • +3

    And you'll get a whole lot more fruit and veg for your money. 65 dollars for 840 grams is ridiculous

  • This is some dystopian crap. One day I guess we will just be eating powder and vitamin supplements. The real bargain is eating real food.

  • Pretty expensive way of turning healthy food into processed crap.
    Forget it.

  • Lucky there are speech pathologists to help produce the powdered food