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[PC, Steam] The Black Masses $9.84 (66% off $28.95), Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator $3.44 (84% off $21.50) @ Steam


My notification for The Black Masses reads it is discounted till 6 Oct 4:00am AEDT

And Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is $3.44 (84% off $21.50) - ending time not stated for this one.

From Steam:

The Black Masses is an open world first-person fantasy co-op RPG. The Black Masses features our next generation of crowd rendering technology rebuilt from Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Explore a 16 square kilometer island populated by hundreds of thousands of possessed inhabitants.

Recent Reviews: Mixed (13), All Reviews: Mostly Positive (702)

It's an Early Access Game, there's a free demo. Both games are Windows-only.

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