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OXO 11107400 Good Grips Garlic Press, Black $21.26 C&C @ The Good Guys


Cheaper than the last time from Amazon for $25 if you do C&C.
It is $21.26 C&C. Delivery extra.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    OXO makes great stuff! Underrated.

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    Heard this lasts a lifetime. Bought! Thanks

    • Whose lifetime though?

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      I had it and broke down in two after a few years just pressing a clove. I liked them though because if the part clearing the holes.

  • I bought one of these a while back, definitely doesn't press as well as my parents cheaper flimsy one (wish I knew the brand…). By this I mean it doesn't extrude as much crushed garlic per clove/more wastage

    • Agreed. I've owned the OXO press and while it is built like a tank it doesn't crush nearly as well ones with a cantilever mechanism.

      • I use the flat of my chefs knife up near the hilt against a cutting board to crush garlic cloves and it makes the skin peel away effortless and leaves all the soft smushy garlic behind to cook with.

        Is that more or less work than using a press?

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    I own one of these and it feels very sturdy and works well. No complaints.

  • Bought this one from the deal below. Works well and still staying strong.