Gaming Desk setup help

Hi Ozbargainers
Need some suggestions. I got the cheap desk 180cm in width. Recently hooked dual monitor arms and the middle looks a bit crooked with just one monitor 32 inch. Now i already ordered two more monitor cuz i am going for three monitor setup for work. All are 32 inch. One from samsung in middle with 1000r curve and remaining from dell with 1800r curve. Now i want to get another desk as i dont think this current desk is going to last. Cannot see any desk around 180cm, one from officeworks for around $400 for plain desk. Has anyone tried bringing together those fancy rgb desk from ebay. Looking at its around $150 each and 100cm wide so i end up with total 200cm but just wondering if its not going to be convenient for keyboard placement or for me while sitting in middle. Any experiences.



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    3x 32's is going to be a bit of weight. I'd be looking for a good quality probably used desk, but it aint going to be 150…

    • Thanks mate will keep that in mind

  • Get a timber panel from Bunnings and pair it with two Alex drawers from Gumtree.

    • Wow i never thought that way. Quite possible and sturdy i guess. Thanks

  • Look for dining tables on GumTree. Most desks just aren't that big.

    • Good one.

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    Reinforce desk with pine underneath

  • Can you please explain how. Right now i have bunnings legs on each side and mellamine on top. Thanks