Token in Commonwealth Bank

Hi all,

I have been searching for a bank with a good security for log in and transferring.

Only Commonwealth came out with the option for token

Do you know any other banks in AU who can provide extra service for extra security without bank phone app with SMS but has something like YubiKey?

Edit 1: not always have a phone with me. Internet more often.


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    We only offer NetCode Tokens in exceptional circumstances. NetCode Token is a free service we may offer to our customers who aren't suited to NetCode SMS or CommBank app NetCode Notifications.

    The above is quoted from the page you've linked.

    What's wrong with using the Netcode SMS?

    • I will add extra information. Not always I can have a phone with me.

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        Not always I can have a phone with me.

        haha - it's such a weird thought these days - I'm so used to having my phone on me 24/7. I guess one of the only times would be if you're working in a security-sensitive environment where they don't allow phones - but then you'd still need a device to perform that banking transaction in the first place.

        • it's such a weird thought these days

          Romans - where are they now? :)

      • Walk to the nearest commbank and ask for cheque book.

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    Suncorp bank offer token based 2FA through an app.

    • Thanks. It is a good option.

      • You'd still need to have a phone to use that app though.

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          But I will have internet, not need mobile connection.

          • @Romanich: aah, I think I understand you now! The CBA Netbank app seems to do the same thing too. Sometimes I do transactions and there's a push notification with a code. No need for mobile reception.

            • @bobbified: Thanks. When I asked them about, they did not mention it.

  • Two physical security tokens I have recent experience with;
    Bankwest has a token for business accounts
    HSBC has a token for savings/transaction/credit card accounts (being replaced with digital security key, but you can still request a physical one)

  • ANZ lets customers use an authenticator app called ANZ Shield
    Perhaps not quite as good as a security device like a YubiKey, but a lot better than straight SMS authentication. ANZ do have security dongles, but only make them available to business customers
    However, you will need to have your mobile available to use the app. It's needed for payments to new recipients and for large amounts - for normal low value transactions, it doesn't pester you. It gives me peace of mind about SMS cyber attacks

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    Bank of Queensland can issue hardware or software tokens