Looking for a Budget Single Bed (IKEA MALM or SONGESAND?)

Hey, my bed recently broke so I'm in the the market for a new single bed. Don't need a mattress, just the bed frame, preferably with underbed storage. I've only looked at IKEA, not sure where else to look where the prices won't be too high. Not keen on looking used ones on Gumtree/FB Marketplace with COVID cases being so high.

The two I'm considering are

The MALM comes with no slatted bed base so I'll have to add LURÖY for +$30 or LÖNSET for +$70.

The SONGESAND comes with the LURÖY, but can be switched for LÖNSET for +$40.

Which of these beds should I go with? If I go with one of these, do I need to upgrade to LÖNSET? Should I look at other options?

Thanks in advance for any help

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    Old enough to post on OzB, yet looking at a single bed… bit sad

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      lol what? no need to worry about me, I'm all good 😂

      a single bed is more appropriate for my current living situation and space :)

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      What's wrong with that?

      During business use, the partner goes on top (or below) When business is over, tell 'em to go home and sleep in their own bed!

      • Yeah, if missionary is all that you do…

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          To be fair, the perceived limitations have more to do with @bobbified's imagination (and your lack of flexibility) than the size of the bed.

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    How did your bed break?

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    Go on facebook marketplace or eBay and find a second hand solid wood example. I can assure you you'll be able to find something well made for bugger all when you go second-hand.

    • or even look around on council cleanup

      i picked up a steel frame king single w/ headboard

      i would recommened king single, a single bed is really narrow, nay prison spec

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    Perhaps a diet should be a first priority?

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      Perhaps you don’t need to fat-shame other people?