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Persol PO2461S Sunglasses $199 Delivered @ Sunglass Hut


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  • These are $400 glasses?? Oh, Luxottica ridiculous mark-ups on $5 glasses with brand labels printed on.

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      Right? Ridiculous. I had two pairs of prescription sunnies made and delivered from China for $85.

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        Would you mind sharing a link?

    • problem with luxotica is getting parts …..$150 sunglasses, 2 years old, one broken lens quotes same price as new to get a lens replaced ….. had to get the lens from ebay italy …… same with another pair i have …..getting a lens from luxotica is close to impossible or cost to repair is cost of new pair ……. my glasses sometimes get broken on the job doing renovations when they drop ….i buy glass lenses as they are easy to clean and plastic ones scratch easily ….

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    DYOR, avoid Luxottica at all costs. I'd even prefer Bailey Nelson or Oscar Wylee to these guys.

    • "even"? What's wrong with Bailey Nelson?

      • Their glasses are a bit "odd"(?)

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      Persol actually have a pretty admirable history, and their glasses are know to be good quality. I’d be taking persol over both those you list. You’re otherwise right about luxotica.

  • yeah many persol are mineral glass lenses rather than plastic unlike many other sunglasses.
    hard to beat mineral glass for optical clarity hence used in cameras, telescopes, etc, and also more scratch resistant and easier to clean than plastic …. yes i own persol with polarised glass lenses.

  • I wear my Persols just like Ryan Gosling 👌🏻

  • Shady rays make some fantastic sunglasses at a great price too. They’ll even replace your sunnies if you damage them for the cost of shipping. I gave up on RayBans a while ago given their build quality seem to degrade faster than usual.