Wicked Elf "Death Between The Tanks" Double IPA Case of 16 Cans $54.99 + Shipping (Free to ACT) @ Farrahs Liquor Collective


Free delivery ACT wide.

This is a cracking brew with a heavy 7.8% ABV and was my favourite on tap.

Good deal for ACT residents with the free delivery. Almost half price.


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Farrah's Liquor Collective
Farrah's Liquor Collective


  • Haha love the name!

    • +1

      It's well deserved. I had to wait a few hours before driving after having a pint of this.

  • 113 IBU…. Nice but $40 shipping to WA. Deal breaker for me.

  • Ummmmm $38 to ship to MEL 🤣

    • +3

      Shipping is crazy, really only a deal for ACT residents.

  • $33 to the GC

  • +1

    Thanks sir. Good drop hopefully for the lockdown.

  • +3

    I love going to Farrah's! Only get my booze from there now. If you are in the ACT, you should go check it out.

    • My favourite too, and always awesome service

  • Great deal. But 55 delivery to brisbane for 2 cases is crazy. 10 each sure

    • +3

      I think you are confusing VB or XXXX with craft beer my friend.

  • +1

    Good beer, good brewery

  • Ordered last night and delivered at 2pm next day (ACT). Beer is best before mid November which is fine by me. Great deal!

  • Hey due to the excellent support Farrahs has sold out of this fantastic product

    • Thanks Matthew, It would be great if you could find better couriers to lower your shipping prices. Despite posting this deal and loving the beer I could not get a case personally as I live in NSW.

    • Hi Matt.

      I grabbed these, the hazy IPA and a couple of cheap and cheerful wines. All have been excellent…your staff were great to deal with via click and collect helping me load into the back of my car.