Reasonably Priced GPS/Spot Lock Electric Trolling Motor for Tinny?

Hi all, I'm newish to the forums so hopefully I'm doing this right.

I'm looking for a trolling electric motor for my 4.2M boat. I presently have a Watersnake Shadow MKII 54lb/54inch non GPS model and really looking at moving away from having to use a physical anchor heh.

Budget can stretch to $1800 but I'd really prefer to keep it as low as I can get it and I know watersnake isn't the greatest brand but hoping I get lucky as I have with my present one. So far the best I've found is :

Watersnake Geospot 65lb/54inch - mostly around $1750

Haswing 55lb/54inch - Seems to be around $1900-2000 which is making me want to go the watersnake.

Anyone know of any boating shops with deals coming up or any ideas on where I might find the above or something else suitable?


  • I'm pretty sure you'll get banned for trolling

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      Interesting how connation change when it is on the internet. :)

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        You're right, connation does change on the internet!

        • LOL - connotation. I'm embarrassed! :D