What Oil Do You Use for Cooking Mostly?

What oil do you use for cooking, mostly in your daily usage?

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  • 1
    Coconut oil
  • 2
    Butter & Ghee
  • 3
    Animal fat (Supa fry, Lard, Tallow, etc)
  • 40
    PUFA (canola, rice bran, Soyabean, Safflower, Sunflower, Vegetable, etc)
  • 1
    Sesame oil
  • 3
    Peanut oil
  • 61
    Olive oil
  • 2


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    Depends what I'm cooking and on what surface

    Olive oil to impart flavour, Neutral oils for frying etc

    No olive oil on non stick.

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      why not olive oil on non stick?

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        some crazy woman in a shop yelled at me about never doing it. The fear I felt changed my ways

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          You use olive oil on this pan? Straight to jail*
          Peanut oil. Jail
          Butter. Jail
          Believe it or not, you even heat this pan. Jail.

          *Gaol for the patriots

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    Depends on what your cooking. Sometimes it’s combination like olive oil and butter. If you cook a variety of things you wouldn’t just use one as it would taste like wrong.

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    I keep rendered lamb, beef and bacon fat when cooking (roasts, sausages, etc)

    Then I use these fats for other cooking (it's the best flavour).

    Steak? Cook in beef fat.
    Roast potatoes? Cook in lamb fat.
    Bacon? Cook in bacon fat.
    Yorkshire Puddings? Beef or Lamb.

    Italian? Olive Oil.

    Asian? Peranut oil/or Ghee and Sesame when required for flavour.

    Popcorn? Coconut oil.

    Everything else is mostly peanut oil as it has a good smoking temperature and imparts little to no taste.

    Deep Frying? Either Beef blend (Frytol) or Rice Bran oil (I have 2 fryers - different foods different oils).

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      I was waiting for:

      Italian? Italian fat

      • Yeah… Naa, that get's you in trouble.

  • https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200903-which-cooking-oi...

    Don't know why olive oil can't be used on non stick except people at the shops told them not to use it

    • This is the first time I've heard of someone saying don't use Olive oil.

      Also where is the option for using lard or butter?

      • +1

        Well you know, people "do my own research" and before you know it, the earth is flat

    • This article is based on flawed nutritional advice that saturated fat is bad

    • I've been told this too. I think it is because olive oil has a lower smoke point in comparison to say, vegetable oil. If the oil burns on the non-stick surface it creates this burnt residue that sticks to the non stick pan and is impossible to remove. But this could also apply to other oils, so I don't know why olive gets singled out. And if you're careful not to overheat your pan, it won't be an issue.

  • Canola Oil for general frying.

    Ghee for potatoes/starches

    Rendered animal fat when using said meat.

    Sesame Oil for most asian dishes.

  • Olive

  • duck fat with potatoes

  • I use Grapeseed Oil for almost everything. It has a high smoke point and neutral flavour.

  • +3

    10w40 full synthetic…

    • Are you a bot?

    • +2

      Came here to see this joke. Not disappointed.

  • Rice bran for cooking, olive oil for finishing.

  • Pork fat normally. I usually buy a kg of skinless pork fat for $2/kg from a butcher.
    Cube it into a pot with a cup of water on low heat and just keep stirring.
    It will render down and I get these deep fried lard that I can snack on and a tub of oil for cooking.

    stopped using canola/rice bran oil. occasionally use olive oil but I've been sitting on the same bottle for 2 years now.

  • Extra virgin olive oil or the air fryer!

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