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Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit $79 (RRP $129) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Bunnings have dropped the price of the hedge kit by another $20. It is now $10 cheaper than the skin. Includes the tool, 2ah battery and charger. Add this one to your list of expanding PXC tools.

Good luck click and collecting it considering the hammer drill kit cancellation of order issues. If you can pick it up from the store.


460mm cutting length
11mm cutting capacity
Blade brake
Lightweight design

Happy hedging.

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    Do I buy this at the risk of having yet another style of battery?

    • +6

      If you don't have other Ozito tools then this deal is not enough reason to go into a new cordless ecosystem.

      That being said you may consider going all-in to Ozito if your other tools are el-cheapo ones.

      • But if not this I'm on either Dewalt @ $250, or Ryobi 36v @ $230.

        Or I can just keep using the ol' manual trimmer.

        Decisions, decisions.

        • Unless you have loads of hedges to trim, just get this as it's cheaper as a kit than all other skins.

        • Not fair to compare an 18V tool with a 36V is it? Ryobi 18V 2Ah kit is $149. Still more expensive but not that much:


          • @bio: Still probably fair to compare to that if he only has Ryobi 36V tools as it's a whole different battery system, unlike ozito that just use 2x18V for their 36V stuff.

            • @NigelTufnel: That's right. I don't know much about Ryobi tools and assumed a 2x18V tool.

              That being said, there is a reason people choose 36V tools and the same people shouldn't buy the 18V Ozito just for the price.

  • Great price, I have been eyeing this off even though all my other cordless tools are Aldi.

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      There's a bloke on gumtree that sells 3d printed adapters.

      • Link pls?

    • I picked up my Aldi hedge trimmer as a clearance item (albeit only a modest discount, $50 from memory) and a few stores had one left usually. Obviously YMMV. I already have a few Ozito batteries too so happy to save the money not having to buy the kit.

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    Line trimmer kit also dropped to 79 from 99… same price for kit as skin only

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      Just an FYI - the link you have provided is not for a line trimmer. It's for the trimmer that uses little plastic blades - Ozito call that a grass trimmer. These are apparently not very good - however your milage may vary.

      Link to line trimmer - skin only - $155: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-cordless-line-...
      Link to line trimmer - kit - $240: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-cordless-line-...

      • +1

        ah yes, my bad.
        typed it too quickly without too much thought.

      • Their line trimmer is excellent.

        Grass trimmer is a lot more limited (e.g. edging etc) and will work out a lot more expensive with plastic blades over a spool of line.

        • Just confirming.

          The line trimmer NinjaChicken linked above are good?

          Keen to get line trimmer and hedge trimmer for my backyard

          • @bisaya: Can confirm the 2x18V line trimmer is very good.

          • @bisaya: I have it and it's great. Lots of power, not given me any problems. Even came with a second internal spool full of line so you can do a quick swap rather than re-thread it while you're losing daylight.

            Bizarrely there's only one hole for the line, and it's not counterbalanced so it vibrates more than it should… but it's not bothersome. I also wish the head rotated to make it easier to do edging but that's hardly a problem unique to Ozito.

        • Hey mate just wondering since you own these.

          Is the red indicator light meant to be flashing when charging?

          I'm talking about the red squares onnthe battery itself, not the charger.

      • +2

        I have the Ozito grass trimmer, it's fairly gutless and the plastic blades aren't a uniform quality so it's possible to get a 'bad batch'. I'd definitely give it a miss

    • +1

      got it for $29 last year…\what a deal..

      • +1

        I did too but flogged it on FB without using it after reading the reviews.

        • still using it, perfect for my need

  • +5

    2.0ah baterry would barely give you enough time to trim your pubes.

    • +5

      It's plenty for trimming decent sized hedges. The 18V doesn't consume a lot.

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      User name change suggested: bazzil -> brazzilian

  • +1

    But with 2ah battery. Don't last long

    • +2

      Just have a spare battery and swap out after 20 mins and put the old one on the charger. Works for me.

    • +2

      Agree, I have had this hedge trimmer for a year or so and it has been excellent, but the 2ah battery doesn't last very long. 20 mins max. But its no issue if you have a spare charged and ready to go.

  • +1

    Do they have any mowers for sale?

  • Anyone got one and able to review?

    • +1

      I've got the version on a pole, which presumably has the same blades and maybe the same motor, unsure. I find it great in terms of power and cutting ability. I have complaints but they're not relevant to this one.

      • How thick branches can it take off? Looking at getting a pole trimmer but realistic I'll be cutting back hard so I wouldn't need it. So I mist just hire one for $50 to get it done.

        • +1

          Gets through stuff around 15mm at the most. My main issue with the pole one is that the motor is at the end of the pole, so it's awkwardly heavy.

          There's no getting around that unless you make it shaft/pulley driven which would increase cost. For how infrequently I use it, I'm happy with it. If I used it even once a month it would be really annoying though.

    • It's a pretty basic trimmer. It'll cut through branches up to around 1.5cm. Leaves etc are easily trimmed. It's not that long so you might need to reach a bit working out your delts. The trimmer is light weight so you won't tire. Battery lasts ages. Easy to oil the blades with 3-in-1 oil.

      I wish I had gotten the twin battery trimmer for it's longer reach and cutting through thicker branches.

    • I bought one years ago and it was fine. After a lot of use I bought a second rather than get the blades sharpened. Despite being the same model the second was junk. Couldn't cut half as well as the first and started falling apart immediately

      • Can you swap the blades from the new one onto the old one?

      • Was your older one the OHT-0185 model?

        That one is also on sale for $69 atm, as kit, but only 1.5Ah battery.

        Have the PXC version on a pole, which can be a bit cumbersome for lower down stuff, but cuts very well as long as branches not too thick & obviously great for higher stuff.

        Hmm, whether to get one of these or the OHT-0185 for convenience for lower down stuff or not, hard to decide.

  • +1

    I wish they'd have matching deals on the skin-only versions, for this and the hammer drill. I don't need more batteries and chargers but it's cheaper to buy them with it, and there's no way I'll be able to sell the charger.

    • got to wait for the equivalent sale at Aldi.

      • I'm invested in the PXC ecosystem now, plus you can't usually swap Aldi brand stuff if it's defective because they don't have a replacement to give you.

  • +1

    Good for trimming your bushes

    • What if I liked it bushy?

      • +4

        it makes everything bigger if you trim enough

        • +3

          Ordered one!

    • I'd rather knick myself with a razor than a hedge trimmer. YMMV.

      • you never know what you lost in your life if you didn't try (wink wink)

  • I have the pole attachment version and it cuts well and is excellent for high hard to reach things. Yes, it can be a bit cumbersome but is is only for the stretch jobs.

    My std trimmer is an older corded Ryobi which functions very well but the long lead and occasional cutting of the lead is a pain in the . . .

    Grabbing one of these to add to the collection.

  • I've been waiting forever for the PXC hedgetrimmer to drop. Was hoping to get the skinless one, but this is currently cheaper and I get an extra 2mA battery…gold!

    • +1

      The skinless one is called a battery.

      • Took me a while to see the mistake, but good pickup…Obviously I meant skin only, not skinless :-)

  • Thank you Op, I bought one.

  • -2

    I have the small hedgetrimmer, which is half the length of this. The motor keeps cutting out as it is very underpowered. This would be a nightmare to use and would cut out even more often.

    • +2

      Completely different products, the smaller one is poorly rated assuming you're referring to this one. The one in this deal on the other hand has been great, definitely not underpowered nor does it cut out.

      • Yeah, I've got that one, as well as the bigger hedge trimmer attachment to the pole saw (basically this one).
        Same Voltage, but completely different items, the little one is fine for small softer hedges, but will get stuck on anything a little hard. The bigger one will cut through some decent branches.
        I imagine the Wattage on the 2 is completely different, as they are certainly different power. As suck, the battery lasts a lot longer in the small one.

      • Yes, that is the one I have. If that's so, I guess I'll be getting one to then. Thanks

    • +2

      I've got a dozen lamingtons which I just tested and can confirm are terrible at cutting hedges.

      So I assume this unit with a different motor and completely different design would be a nightmare to use and prone to cutting out as well.

      I have ordered this, regardless, mainly to compare the taste.

      You can trust me on this. I'm a Professor of Logic down at the University of ah, Science.

      RIP Norm Macdonald…

  • I've been eyeing off the ryobi version. Is this worth it as the only tool from ozito?

  • See Ozito on Ozbargain, BUY BUY BUY. Check garage after purchase to see if you have the tool already or not :-) Ultimate fomo.

  • +2

    A big tip for anyone who hasnt used one of these before. If it hits a big branch and gets stuck, dont pull and try to yank it out. Just twist the trimmer away from the branch and it will dislodge after a few tries.

  • Can't wait to get a deal on the lawn mower now!

  • Thanks just got one for the missus as her bush needs a trim.

  • Hoping for pole hedge trimmer to be on sale,

  • Bought one today, and then realised that I already have an Ryobi collecting dust in the garage.

    • Now you'll have a red ozito collecting dust too.

  • thanks OP - picked one up C&C at Caringbah (Syd), as my local Kirrawee was OOS
    This will be my first venture in to any sort of battery powered tools like this . interested to see how it fares. My hedge trimming needs are minimal, so am hoping it is suited to the task.

  • "Good luck click and collecting it considering the hammer drill kit cancellation of order issues. If you can pick it up from the store."

    What does "the hammer drill kit cancellation of order issues" mean?

  • Thanks OP, bought one

  • forgot to ask, is this on sale or the new rrp

    • Regular rrp is $129, then $99, now $79 with orange tag. I guess it will go back up in price after this discount.

  • Noob question, does the battery indicator flashb red when charging?

    Not sure if it's meant to flash red or not

    • yes, it will show how many bars to go, it's full when it's not flashing anymore and shows green light on the charger too.