Tyre Bolt Crossthreaded

Hi all just seeking opinion.

So I had my car service last and again yesterday. But the driver side rear tyre bolt was cross threaded which could happen when it is over tightened, so I had the leave the car over night & cost $360 for one set. The other 3 was fine.

After thinking awhile, I remembered in March 2021. I had a screw lodged in the driver side rear tyre and I had it removed and fixed at a tyre shop. So I'm wondering if the bolts were damaged here?

Update: I'm not well versed with car parts but thank you all for your opinions. The service centre could not insert the bolt back in & had to replace all 5 bolts for Hyundai ix35 hence the quote. It's a machine afterall that can breakdown but just thought that it could have possibly be due to poor finishing at the last work. Just frustrating to know the due cost was due to probable negligence.

Like someone mentioned, Highly doubtful that the last workshop tyre fix would own up to the fault.

  • Note 6 mths ago I had a screw stuck to the driver side rear tyre and had it removed & sealed the puncture which only cost $25. Just seems too much of a coincidence to be the same tyre affect now.

Thank you all again.


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    Could have been. Good luck getting them to admit to it from 6 months ago.

    FYI - threads don't get crossed due to overtightening.

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      Yep, gotta start them threads by hand before letting loose with the ugga duggas.

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    Who knows, good luck proving anything either way though. :)

  • I had the same thing happen, not sure if occurred at the dealership when allegedly rotating the tyres or when new tyres were fitted at the tyre place. It takes a far bit of force to cross thread a bolt, even when using a rattle gun. A competent technician can tell by the sound the gun is making when it's cross threading.

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    the driver side rear tyre bolt was cross threaded which could happen when it is over tightened,

    That's not how bolts/nuts get cross threaded.

    & cost $360 for one set

    One set, as in a whole wheel worth of studs? (4 or 5?) or $360 to just replace 1 stud? (1 of the 4/5 on that one wheel?)

    So I'm wondering if the bolts were damaged here?

    If they were the last people to have the wheel off, then yes. They often use rattle guns to put the wheel nuts back on and over-torque them or the nut goes on crooked and cross threads, they just keep powering into the nut until it is tight. A 1/2" rattle gun is good for about 200~250Nm, a car only needs to be about 90Nm

    • (4 or 5?)

      Or even 6

    • $360 to replace even 5 studs seems very high. They are roughly $10 each and like 30m labour for a real mechanic!

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        $360 for one is highway robbery. For a whole hub's worth, that's stealership pricing. OP got ripped, that isn't in doubt, but just much they got ripped is now the question.

        It would literally be a 1 hour job if you were messing about and taking your time. And there would only be a 5~10min difference from replacing one stud to replacing 5

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    So I'm wondering if the bolts were damaged here?

    I've analysed all the evidence, and I'm pretty certain that this is a possibility.

  • driver side rear tyre bolt

    What is this tyre bolt you speak of?

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      Some euro cars use a bolt instead of a stud and nut. It could explain why it was $360 if they had to replace the hub because the thread was damaged in the hub and not just a stud.

      • You'd have to try pretty bloody hard to cross thread that though?

        I thought they were only used on super high end stuff in which case $360 is probably cheap lol but I'm really guessing.

      • Car now identified as a Hyundai. (Added after your post)

        • Yikes… at $360, the car would almost be an economic write off :D

  • $360 for even 5 studs seems a lot.

    You shouldn't have to pull the hub off to change them either.

    10 minutes to get the car on the hoist and wheel off.

    5 minutes to remove the brake drum

    20 minutes to air hammer the studs out

    40 mins to pull the new ones back through.

    15 mins to reverse items 1 & 2.

    That's a very generous 1.5 hrs at $100-$140/hr. $210 labour at worst.

    A stud & nut is $10 per assy. $50.

    I can't work out why they changed all 5 (or 4)

    • But I don't have a choice now, the car is still at the workshop and I can't drive it out. And parts still haven't arrived. Costing me extra to Uber to work n fro.

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        maybe you should have asked here first? It's a bit late once you've given the go-ahead.

        Why can't you drive it out? One wheel stud not working doesn't make the wheel fall off

        • Dealership probably not haply to have a car leave with a missing stud.

          • @Euphemistic: They can't make you stay.

            They are over-engineered.

            Peugeot 504 had 3 studs IIRC.

            • @brad1-8tsi: True, but they’ll play on anyone who doesn’t understand cars to get some extra cash.

              • @Euphemistic: Having been in the trade, I admit I would bend the truth slightly or use guilt to keep the hoists busy.