Rii RKM709 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo $25.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Ruige Direct Amazon AU


Rii RKM709 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo $25.19 @Amazon AU

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  • How is this compared to the kmart ones

    • -3

      Nothing is trashier than Kmart

  • Is this Bluetooth?

    • Nope. It has it's own (non-Bluetooth) 2.4GHz wireless dongle.

      As a Linux user, I'd much rather the dedicated dongle than Bluetooth (shudder), but YMMV.


      • @pcolby78 Can you elaborate on your issues/preference between wired vs dedicated dongle vs bluetooth on Linux (which distro?)

        I got one of these… for $25 , mouse+keyboard I reckon it is worth it

        • +1

          @hvbarg Sure :)

          It's just that in my personal experience using a number of Bluetooth devices with Linux (especially audio headsets), they've never been quite as reliable. Don't get me wrong - Bluetooth works on Linux most of the time, but, again just in my experience, wireless keyboards and mice that I've used (specifically Logitech and Rii ones) that have their own dongle have been perfectly stable and reliable for me (even after 10+ years for one old mini Riimote I have).

          Another thing to consider is that the USB dongles are usually initialised by the BIOS (the Logitech and Rii ones I've used are) so they can be used well before the OS (Linux, Mac, or Windows) has finished booting, whereas the Bluetooth ones won't work to select BIOS / boot options, and won't work in the OS either if the OS is having driver issues.

          So I would happily use a Bluetooth keyboard / mouse if that's what I had available (they do work most of the time). But if there's the option to use a dedicated dongle instead, then I would absolutely default to that. (Of course that's assuming a reputable brand / decent build etc. You can find good and terrible implementations of both I'm sure).


  • +3

    I have this and use it for work. Keys are light to the touch but responsive, and mouse is quite sensitive. It's good that both keyboard and mouse have on/off switches to save battery when not in use.

  • After using this a few times, i can say that the mouse is very uncomfortable to use,
    it is too small for my hands and the shape is not ergonomic