Can Someone Help Me Buy a Wetsuit?

I am in the market for a wetsuit that will keep me warm in my freezing backyard pool. I'm too cheap to put in a pool heater so I was wondering if there was something I could get for typical western sydney weather. My pool is roughly a few degree below ambient temperature because there's a lot of shade arching over the pool from trees and the building.

Looking for something that covers the torso, short-sleeve?, and goes up to the knee.

Currently, the pool is around 18 degrees (feels less than that tbh) with an ambient of 24 degrees.


  • You'll want to go to Wetsuit Warehouse in Alexandria or Surfection in Mosman. Both have hundreds of models, styles and most importantly thicknesses. You'll probably want a 2mm one but they can advise. A decent one will run you ~$200ish.

    • A 2nd vote for wetsuit warehouse (I'd call it Mascot)

      When I bought the wetsuit for my daughter's 21st present they gave great customer service. That was a 3mm and she's since been back for a 4mm in a different style (and other stuff).

      She dives a lot and the wetsuits haven't deteriorated at all

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    Have you tried second hand?

  • I’ve been surfing in Sydney for over 30 years. A good wetsuit from one of the major brands will go for around $500. I generally use a 3/2mm wetsuit, glued and blind stitching through the Winter. This year I just upgraded to a 4/3mm because I’m getting soft. Water in Sydney gets down to around 16 at its lowest but normally around 17/18 throughout Winter and into Spring.
    I bought a wetsuit from this company this year
    Good quality for nearly half the price of what you’d normally pay.

    • Do you think it's better to go for a steamer and just use it all year round? The wetsuit is more important in the winter obviously but i don't want to bake in the spring in an 18 degree pool. My legs are fine, it's the upper body and head (probably fixed with a swimming cap) where I feel the chill.

      The size chart kinda threw me off. What size should i Get if I'm usually a medium for a rash vest?

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        From my experience, still water at beach pools, is colder than the ocean. I would think that a pool in Western Sydney would get down to around 13 degrees in Winter. You’d need some decent rubber to feel comfortable. But then there’s the need for flexibility. Maybe check out swimming wetsuits used by triathletes. I think they’ll be expensive though. I’d opt for a size on the smaller side of your measurements.

        • Don't know why @inuniform is getting down voted. They are right, oceans are warmer due to the current. Depending on what time you're swimming in winter, the water would be around 13 or possibly colder.

  • For surfing I use (

    Though if it's just for use in the pool you could probably go cheaper / second hand.

  • Decathlon

  • buy a sharkskin wear a R series instead of my full wetsuit in summer for my shore dives

  • A surfing brand (eg Rip Curl, Quicksilver) will probably give you more range in terms of what you're looking for, but they tend to be heavier and less flexible in the shoulders. Fine for surfing, water running or just messing around in the water, but generally not as good for actual swimming. They are quite sturdy.
    A swimming one can be much more expensive - but doesn't have to be. The entry level Orca ones or Blue Seventy (try Wiggle) are excellent value, though a swimming wetsuit, even an expensive one, will be more fragile than a surfing one. It's more prone to little rips or snags when you put it on, or catching on things.

  • Are you swimming in the pool or aquarobics or something to keep fit? Other than making use of it ‘because it’s there’?

    I'm too cheap to put in a pool heater

    Heard of the Bondi icebergs? Toughen up and get in there anyway.

    • Are you swimming in the pool or aquarobics or something to keep fit?

      Yes, to keep fit. It's quite a long pool.

      Heard of the Bondi icebergs?

      TOo far and I hate bondi.

      • Missed the point. They swim in the cold water deliberately.

        • Those people also have like $5 million houses and $1-2 million units.

          If I lived near that area, I would definitely give it a go. They're built differently and have every manner of luxury around them.

          • @Orico: Still missed the point. It’s not about Bondi. It’s about the benefits of swimming in cold water.

  • You should buy a steamer if you want to swim through May to October.

    November to April you should be fine without a wetsuit. A steamer will be overkill through these months and yes you will bake

    I would buy a 3/2 steamer with a chest zipper from a major surf brand (eg Billabong, Quiksilver etc)

  • Make sure you opt for a chlorine-resistant wetsuit.