Kogan Replacement Offer Help - Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

So my folks Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner bit the dust recently and not in the good vacuum cleaner type way. It was still under warranty and after some pushing and prodding with Kogan and a month long transit from Perth to Melb with AusPost they've finally finished assessing the unit and have offered the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro or the 1C as a replacement as they don't have stock of the original.

I've got the 1C at my place and love it, but it's only a little apartment so we are leaning towards the Pro for them as the LDS will work better. But should we feel a bit slighted on this? Price difference aside the battery size difference (5200mAh vs 3200mAh) is the biggest concern seeing as the battery died once already on the original. Obviously additional suction power, and mopping feature is handy but just wondering if anyone has any advice.



  • Kogan

    Why did you purchase from here?

    • Was the cheapest / one of the only places in stock at the time, and I've never had much trouble dealing with their warranty department so I can't really complain. I'm sure I could push for a refund, instead of replacement, was asking more so about opinions on the replacement offer models instead of Kogan, but cheers!

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    But should we feel a bit slighted on this?

    $300 vacuum dies, so they replace it with a $300 vacuum… Seems fair

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      Paid $379 for it originally to be fair, the post was less about price of vacuum more about feature comparison

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        Get a refund, buy yourself which ever you want after that

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          Yeh I was thinking that might be the best option

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  • I have the 1C and it does a relatively good job for my 2BR (fully tiled).
    Also, the replacement parts are easily found on Aliexpress so why not?