Diablo 2: Resurrected Community

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone here is planning to play Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Launching tomorrow (24th) 1AM AEST, I had great memories playing this game.

The group sizes are max 8, so its a great game to play together.

Feel free to join this discord channel if youre looking for people to play together: https://discord.gg/3aYBTJ5E


  • I am preordered yesterday. Hype.

  • -1

    I can't justify the price, who wants to split and gameshare?

  • +1

    I’m downloading at the moment, can’t see me playing for 6 hours a day this time around though…

  • +1 here, pre-ordered and downloading now but won't be playing till tomorrow night given the 1AM launch…

  • I just updated the post with my pug discord channel. Please feel free to join!

  • +1

    whats changed?
    loved playing nerco in D2
    played a bit of d3 then lost it

    • Graphics have been improved, apart from that not much has changed (i didnt notice anything really fundamentally different).
      Im looking to play with more people, similar to how it was back then on battlenet

      • Some QOL changes like gold auto pick up as well. Can’t think of much else.

        Tempted to get it on Switch but might wait for a sale first.

  • the beta was enough for me.

    I went back to D3 instead

  • Depends if it's a Warcraft III: Reforged-type remaster or an SC: BW-type remaster.

    In any case, pre-ordering doesn't help anything.

  • Tried the beta on my 5G internet connection. Didn't feel good. I wanted NBN but it was in the end of 2020 and 5G was much easier to set up.

    Edit. Just found out you can play offline in the final game.

    • It’s kinda crappy the way it’s set up compared to the original D2. You can make an offline character but you won’t be able to play it online at all. And if you make an online character you won’t be able to play it if you have no internet.

      Kind of annoying for Switch owners, would be nice to be able to play the same characters when you’re on a flight etc.