Best Soundbar for under $300?

Hey peeps I need a soundbar to improve my crappy tv speakers. I don't really listen to music so it will mainly be used for movies and tv shows. Also I know bookshelf speakers and home theatre systems will be better, but I don't really have the space for that.



  • Do you have room for a sub?

    • Nah I don't and it's for a medium sized bedroom so a sub will be overkill I reckon.

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        Subwoofer adds a lot. Wouldn't get a soundbar without if ever purchased again .

  • Probably a Yamaha based on deals on here

    • Yeah I always see a lot of people on here praising Yamaha soundbars. It just gets confusing with there model numbers because some of them look very similar.. there seems to be about 4 that fit my price range.


      I'm guessing the YAS-109 is probably the best one because of the popularity of deals on here, but people online are saying that the SR-B20A is the exact same as the YAS-109, but with improved drivers and no Alexa, but I don't use Alexa anyways.

      Can anyone confirm if that's true or not?

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        I can help with 2. I was very confused about the YAS-109 and the ATS-1090. I confirmed with Yamaha they are the exact same.

        Hi Adam,

        These units share the same hardware so the difference is just the model codes in this case. They are both supported by a two-year warranty.


        Yamaha AV Sales Support

        The ATS-1090 happens to be on sale at the moment through Amazon for $220.

        • Thanks for the info!

      • Well from a quick glance the 109 has wi-fi, the b20a doesn't. Besides Alexa, this could determine how you playback media

  • I use a TCL TS7010

    I got mine for $199 from Bing Lee on sale about a year ago. It's $224 at JB right now:

    Sounds amazing I love it

    Before lockdown I had a poker night at my place and the guys commented on how good it sounded, and they couldn't believe the price

  • I’m looking for a bar aswell possible sub included,

    Can somebody vouch this one

  • I got a Denon DHT-S216 recently (under $200) for the same reason - great upgrade for crappy bedroom TV speakers.