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Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi $398 at Big W Instore


$1 cheaper than the Dick Smith deal for the Wifi 16GB model. Here are the other models:

Wifi 32GB - $498
Wifi 64GB - $598
Wifi+3G 16GB - $558
Wifi+3G 32GB - $648
Wifi+3G 64GB - $698

Too bad no free delivery or anything to sweeten the deal.

The prices are going to drop at every store soon (plus you can probably price match) and I'm sure by tomorrow there will be even cheaper prices at other stores.

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  • Love how lazy us internet users are.. "no free delivery to sweeten the deal"

  • 1 dollar saved is a dollar earned.

  • Getting nice and cheap. But I have to say that the extra $141 it costs to get the new iPad seems worth it just for the screen. On the other hand the 16GB is hardly enough for even the good free apps, let alone if you have paid for some games, which tend to be massive. And 3G would be nice too. So, suddenly the idea of getting a cheap sub-$400 iPad has become the need to buy the 64GB 3G new iPad for $899…

    • How do you figure?
      You only need to sync to the iPad what you are going to use. 16gb is heaps. You don't need your whole movie and app collection on it all the time. I have 16gb iPhone and 16gb iPad and never struggled for space

      • Well, I only have an 8GB iPod, but have quite a library of apps (been eyeing price reductions and usually take anything that seems useful and is free for a limited time). And from that library I can't even fit half the apps on the iPod, even though it has no music or videos at all. Well, I guess my problem is the fact that I keep downloading those apps, without actually taking the time to test and try them to figure out if I really need them or not.

        • Easy cleanup option - most of the free apps are not useful. Even the one's you used once, and thought "hmmm, that could be useful in case I'm stuck in a snowcave in Siberia" are actually not that useful, because there's honestly very little chance you will get stuck in a snowcave in Siberia.
          If you haven't used an app for more than 3 months, chances are you'll never use it. So be ruthless, go through those screens of apps, games you're no longer interested in (you'll never go back to them), and delete. Anything you downloaded and didn't use… delete. If it was going to be useful you would have used it by now.

        • Just wait until you're stuck in that snow cave, angry birds isn't going to do much for you then!

      • I replaced my laptop with a 64GB ipad, and i've only got 9GB left of storage on it. I wanted to skimp on the price of exyra storage too, but now that i have it, i love it. No regrets.

        I might even mention that i have not a single song on it too. its surprising how easily you can find awesome apps to fill up space.

        • And its suprising how rarely you use these apps
          speaking from expereince I have over 300 apps
          use about 5 of them regularly

    • I wonder if I am the only person who thought a 128GB (or 96 at least) version would be a definite with the new iPad - seems no one is mentioning that.

  • just wait for the ipad 3… these prices suck

  • Apply reduced $100 USD for IPad 2, hence retailers passed it to consumers.

    For those who's travelling overseas, extra 9.09% off by TRS.

  • Thanks just bought 2 from Big W at QV. They still had about 2 left.

    Figure I will check out the new iPad next week and see how the resolution is in real life. If it's a drastic improvement I can always return this one (unopened).

  • The price of iPad 1 reduced to $299 when iPad 2 was released so should see this again

    • No it didn't.

    • Price of iPad 1 reduced to $398 when iPad2 was released, not $299

      So Apple did it again on iPad 2 when iPad 3 on its way now

      You can try to match price in Myer, and using 10% discount gift card (if you have any) and if you know someone working as Myer employee, get a further 15% discount.

      So it will be $400 * 75% = $300 which can use in tax return and claim a further 30-40% tax back (depends on your income), which end up of $210 ($300 * 70%) or $180 ($300 * 60%).

      • Why not do the same with the new ipad? bigger saving, makes the price difference even less.
        $539 * 75% = $404.25 (ipad2 $300 = $104.25 difference)
        $404.25 * 70% = $282.98 (ipad2 $210 = $72.98 difference)
        $404.25 * 60% = $242.55 (ipad2 $180 = $62.55 difference)

        I'd pay that difference for a crisper screen and faster processor.

  • Can anyone explain why the difference between 16GB and 32GB models is different for the 3G and non-3G models. Even worse the difference between 32GB and 64GB.
    There is no justification for this

    • People who are willing to splash on a 3G would probably think "hell, I'm already paying an extra $150 bucks for 3G why don't I just dig a little deeper and get the top of the line model (64gb)". Thus more demand for 64gb models in the 3G version which Apple would obviously want to capitalise on by setting higher than normal prices for those models.

  • I picked a 32gb wifi from jbhifi this morning they had them cheaper than bigw and dicksmith.

    16gb wifi $414
    32gb wifi $486
    64gb wifi $584

    • Ummmm. You might want to check again for the 16gb wifi (that is, it's cheaper at Big W).

  • Hmmm. I haven't been paying attention.. How do the stores go in terms of keeping up with kogan pricing? Ya reckon the iPad 2 will go down more?? Or worse, stop selling!! I don't think they would though.. Seems like an iPhone 4 and 4s shin dig

  • I say wait a couple of weeks to experience the iPad HD for yourself and then see if you are willing to spend the extra money over the iPad 2. iPad 2 will be sticking around at a lower price point like the iPhone 3GS so there is no hurry.

    Interesting site on manufacturing costs…

  • Just FYI, the JB HiFi I'm working at at least won't be ordering anymore 32/64GB WiFi or WiFi+3G versions of the iPad 2. Only 16GB WiFi & WiFi+3G versions are being kept in stock, not sure about other stores but we are already down to our last few

  • All good cause I want a 16gb :p

  • Out of curiosity do Big W staff get discount on Apple products?

  • Got David Jones to price match (had a gift voucher for part of it so it feels even cheaper!)

  • Big W Liverpool, Bonnyrigg and Lidcombe are out of stock. Harvey Norman in Wiley Park said they won't price match as it's less than cost price (the 3G 64gb model). Officeworks don't sell iPads.

  • Got the last WiFi 16gig at JB Pagewood, NSW. $397.

  • Big W Waverley Gardens and Southland were out of stock of everything but 32gb WiFi + 3G. Same with Dick Smith Glen Waverley. Got 16gb WiFi from JB at Springvale Homemaker for same price.

  • Will the apple store match the Big W price?