[PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX] Trade-in 2 Selected Games and Get Far Cry 6 Yara Edition for $29 @ EB Games in-Store


PS4/5 and Xbox

Just received this email from EB Games. The link in the eDM doesn’t link to the trade deal info, hence no URL submitted, only a screenshot of the email…

Minimum trade value of $10 per game applies. Refer in store for eligible list of games and trade-in details.

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    I was just about to post this hahaha telling my wife I want to buy 2 games from the sale to trade towards this. Anyone got photos of the list?

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      See instore for list and details. Booooo!

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    Can't do this in NSW I assume.

    • I assumed you could since so many stores are open. Checked my local EB hours and was all good. Arrived today with my facemask and trade in games - Closed for click and collect only. Now I really have to find a deal on PC!

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    As long as they accept the last two shitty Farcry games in trade.

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      Must feel really awful, having been sucked into buying them both

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        I bought it for 15 bux in the steam sale, playing co op with a friend I gotta say I'm enjoying it.

  • yeah I'd be keen to see a list - cue up all of my Gamepass titles that I own on disc ;-)

  • Need that list!

  • Anyone have any cheap trade bait options?

    • Buy 2 eligible games that are worth $10 in store if you don’t have anything to trade. The staff are usually nice enough to do this without asking. They have for me anyway.

      • That’s what I was asking, if anyone is aware of 2 cheap games. Previously people have been aware of games that could be bought for as low as $5 elsewhere but were eligible for the trade in deal at eb. But yeh I’ll ask in eb as well.

        • That would be ideal
          Find 2 X $5 games and it costs you $39

          • @Adelv: Yep I’ve done it a few times before with their trade deals. Managed to buy cheap games at JB and then trade them in at EB to get the deal.

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      usually switch nba 2k20 and 2k21 if you can find for $10

  • Easiest way is to call your local EB games and tell them your trade-in games.

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    You can DM your titles to EB Games Twitter Account and they’ll tell you if they’re eligible.

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      I did that and listed a few games. They responded by telling me to contact my local store.

      • Lame

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    Anyone know if it's possible to trade in Melbourne? Like a pre arranged Click & Collect trade in or something?

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    For those interested, these games were eligible as of today (all Xbox one):

    Just Cause 4
    GTA 5
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Modern warfare 2019

    These games were not eligible:
    Far cry new dawn lol
    Far cry 5 lol
    Far cry 4
    Crackdown 3
    Trials fusion
    NBA 2k20
    Assassins Creed Ezio collection
    Sunset overdrive
    South Park: fractured but whole

    • Tough to get those at $5. Thanks for posting.

  • No love for PC EB!

  • Just got a mail from EB Games saying you can preorder and pay in full. Once trading resumes, you can bring in your eligible games to trade and they will refund you the price difference from the trade deal.

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    Good deal if you ask me. Bonus trade up value = $10 value becomes $30 for each game. I traded GTA V & COD:Black Ops 3 + $29. They didn't accept Batman Arkham Knight or Wolfenstein 2. Mixed reviews on FC6 but I'm loving it so far 😋

  • Called my local, offer ended 2 days ago 😔

    • That’s weird. Who’s your local. I called Greensborough (Victoria) yesterday to find out which of my games qualify for the deal (only Red Dead Redemption 2 and Watchdogs Legion works for me) and he didn’t say it ended. In fact he said I’d just have to wait until lockdown is over to trade them in… saying that, they’re not advertising it on their website any longer that I can see. Maybe try calling another store to get a definitive answer…

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        I received an email saying that the trade-in period was extended till after lockdown ended. I called yesterday to confirm as well.