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Buy 5 All In One (AIO) Nappies for $100 and Get 1 Free + $9.50 Shipping @ Only About Nappies


Calling all new and expectant parents!!

Buy 5 (AIO, All In One) cloth nappies and you will receive 1x "floral AIO" nappy FREE OF CHARGE.

No discount code is required, a free floral design AIO nappy will be included in your order.

We are a small business based in Inner west Melbourne.

Our local council, Hobsons Bay is offering $75 off the purchase price of reusable nappies until trial funds are exhausted. (Please check the Hobsons Bay website for terms and conditions https://www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/Community/Community-servic... ). Take advantage of this great deal and start your cloth nappy journey and help to support the environment. One cloth nappy you use, one less disposable nappy ends up in the landfill.

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  • Can you explain what is an AIO nappy?

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      All In One. It means the nappy has the pads built into it, so you wash the whole thing. Other nappies such as "All in Two" nappies have pads you may wash separately to the outer shell, so you don't have to wash the latter as often.

  • Not bad… My council is only offering 50% rebate though. Can you put these in the dryer? And how are people cleaning these with huge messy poops?

  • Baby Bare has $20 cloth nappies that are much better quality.

  • Whether you choose this product or the cheaper cloth nappies at K-Mart or the like, reusable nappies are a much better environmental and financial alternative to disposable nappies.
    I've read that 2 billion disposable nappies go into landfill in Australia every year, 4% of our landfill is comprised of disposable nappies and they can take up to 500 years to decompose (plastic components). What an environmental disaster that is.
    The website babybeehinds.com.au estimates that disposable nappies will cost $3,250 per child, so choosing reusable nappies is one of the great Ozbargain choices you can make.
    All our 4 kids were in traditional cloth nappies (much cheaper than these modern ones). We even used cloth nappies when bush camping around Oz.
    Years ago 100% of families used cloth nappies. Now only 5% do.
    Reusable nappies are a big financial win for families and a big win for the environment.
    When my kids have children, I'm buying them a pack of reusable nappies.