Help Me Find a Cheap Waffle Maker

Craving some waffles and most available are around the $60 mark. Curious if anyone has used and recommend anything cheaper? Cheers


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    Also make crepes. Isn't it the same thing but different shape? Aka pancake

    • Pretty much the same, I'll check it out!

    • Not the same. Proper waffles have beaten egg whites gently mixed in, makes them soft and mallowy in the middle and crispy on the outside. If you just use normal pancake batter then they're just differently shaped pancakes

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    Recommend this one. Had it for a few years and it’s still great.

    The flipping element is great as it means you can use less batter and get a lighter waffle. Very crispy on the outside too.

    After staying at a few hotels in USA with waffle makers argue breakfast buffets, the flip is definitely the way to go.

    • Saw that one but it says coming soon?

      • They usually come out for Christmas each yesr, so shouldn’t be much longer until it’s out.

        • Okay thanks!

          • @Donkey19: No worries! Hopefully it will come out in the next few weeks, but 100% recommend to wait for it as it’s lasted me ages. Maybe about 5, 6 years? Definitely value for money.

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    The cheap blue ones are nasty. Avoid!

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      Have seen the blue waffle in google before..

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        P.S.A. Don't do this google search. NSFW.

        • If its safe for Tobey Maguire, it's safe for me

        • Holy moley… didn't even know it was a thing!

  • I’ve got a breville one that has plates for either jaffles or waffles. Make big batches of waffles once every 2 weeks, and freeze them (and then just pop them in the toaster)

  • I prefer an oven top waffle iron as they are cheaper, compact and therefore easy to store, and can't break (though obviously it takes longer to make a batch of waffles as you can only do one at a time). Something like this.

  • Help Me Find a Cheap Waffle Maker

    Found a free one here…