Atom LT Hooded Jacket $280 (Was $400) + More & Free Delivery @ Arc'teryx


Arc'teryx sale - Past season.

Was keeping an eye out for sale on the mens Atom LT hooded jacket and saw this on sale for $280. Local store had it up for $400

Seemed pretty high quality when i tried it on instore.

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Arc'teryx Australia
Arc'teryx Australia


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    That's a pretty good deal. I have 6 of their jackets, a few tshirts and pants.

    I'd go the Proton as it's less bulky and better for use during activity. The Nuclei is also good too but has a more true-to-size fit.

    I've had my Atom LT and Atom AR for close to 7 years now mainly doing high output activity. Then I discovered the Proton and that has been my go-to for everything.

    Also on sale at $279.99

    • Which proton? LT? How's the sizing on these and the Atom, pretty standard? Looks like the proton in S is sold out soon might have to get Atom instead but wondering if it'd get away with a M

  • Would get if I don't already have the Patagonia Nano Air. Seems like this is more durable but these are expensive jackets so I can't justify 2 that serves the same purpose.

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      Also own the Pata nano-air (and nano-puff but that sucks) and have worn the Atom LT. However… the only jacket I have found that beats the rest for best overall combo breathability, weight, DURABILITY and warmth is the North Face Ventrix (original model).

      Plenty of deep reviews on the North American gear sites but not so easy to find in oz unless you get one off eBay US/amazon/Cotswold etc.

      • hmmm I was about to drop 300 on a nano puff. Can you share you thoughts on it?

        • Did some reading and bought nano air for 270 instead.

          • @chriise: Sorry, I was asleep! nano-puff and nano-air are quite different in terms of function, fabric and fit.

            I got the nano-puff first cos all the gear websites raved about it. I'm sure it was a good piece when it was brought out but fabric technology has improved dramatically (look at atom vs proton for another good example of this). My biggest gripe with the puff was that it was nowhere near breathable enough and nowhere near warm enough. Nano-air beats both of these at the expense of a bit of durability loss and a slightly higher price tag. There's always deals to be found on the nano-air though, especially in colours other than black!

            You made a good decision with the nano-air, let me know if you have any questions.

            Did you go the hoody or the jacket?

            • @Qbagger: Hey thanks for the reply. Yeh I was kind of buying into the nano air hype I guess, but found some good reviews that detailed the tech had improved quite a bit in the last 2-3 years.

              I went with the jacket. $270 I thought was a good find in black. The atom is a good price but not in any colour I wanted, plus I’d probably end up questioning whether I should have just got the proton- which is outside my budget :)

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                @chriise: $270 is a pretty good local price for black - you will love it!

              • @chriise: Can i ask where you got a black Nano Air from for $270?

                • @epmonp6: Bought from Rushfaster with a 10% off promo for signing up to their mailing list.


                  • @chriise: Thanks for the tip! Grabbed one, and also grabbed an Atom LT in paradox. I need to try both and compare and will return one since both sites offer free returns

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                      @epmonp6: Hmm that’s a good idea… but I’d wana try the proton FL too… then I’d end up with 3 jackets and be too lazy to post them back!

                      • @chriise: For anyone still interested. The Atom LT and Nano air have now both arrived and im returning the Atom… both are size S and I normally prefer a slim fit. The Nano air fits perfectly with enough room for another layer underneath. The Atom is comparatively huge and looks baggy and looks way too big across the shoulders. Hope this helps someone trying to decide

                  • @chriise: Am also eyeing out a nano air here, been seeing a lot of hype around this jacket, but I'd prefer the hoody version but it's going around 400ish everywhere, mind sharing your opinion on the hoodless one & sizing? cheers

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                      @NotaSpender: I haven’t received mine yet. You may be better off asking @Qbagger.

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                      @NotaSpender: I have the nano air jacket in Large and it is a good fit. I'm just above 6ft, 90kg. I think maybe a slightly slimmer fit than the Atom. Good length (ie doesn't bunch around waist so keeps you warmer by covering a bit more). Forearms are fairly slim fit, ie quite tight to pull them up above my elbows. Neck fit is just perfect for me on the jacket version, I found the hoody a bit awkward.

                      If you are in a city where you can access a paddy pallin store to try one on i would recommend it! They generally have atoms and nano-airs in all styles and sizes (incl vests!)

                      • @Qbagger: I've seen few comments about the fit is more towards slim (including you now) so I guess that confirms it, plus I don't have too many hoody jackets hence I was considering, but the main problem is the hoody version is around $100 > the jacket version in my size "M" currently on the market.

                        Guess I'll have to stay patient and also appreciate the review from you, cheers :))

  • have one for myself and the other for my family for 5 years…not regret at all, worth especially 30% off.

  • Can confirm the atom LT is a great jacket and a good buy at $280. This is likely sent form their outlet (amer sports australia pty ltd) so a lot of the usual colours are not available..booo. IMO, the brand rarely goes on sale but you can sign up to their VIP mailing list to get access to sales roughly 2-3 weeks.

    • Wow. So i can sign up to the artyrex site?

  • Fairly good deal. I got one of these for about 150 in Canada at a warehouse sale.

    These are well worth the money, Arc'teryx jackets are extremely high quality and well regarded. I would consider them a tier higher than The North Face and Columbia, which is high praise.

    Not sure how useful these are in Australia though, to be honest.

  • Pay extra and get some of that dank gortex.

    I have a beta SL hybrid and love it

    • Yeah, I have a Camosun parka which is puffy, warm and has an awesome goretex shell. I’ve worn it while fixing leaking gutters in hammering rain and I was dry as a bone. It’s warm too. Cost me about $500 on sale.