Pre Pandemic Commute/ Transit Times?

Does anyone know how I can find out pre pandemic transit times? I tried changing the date in google maps/ waze but the time didn't seem to change (pretty much consistent). I'm trying to work out what commute times will be like when things go back to 'normal'


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    Entirely depends what 'normal' becomes though. I suspect/hope that the now proven methodology of WFH for some industries/companies/people means there's fewer need for everyone to rush into work offices every morning as per before and therefore we won't ever go back to pre-pandemic commute times.

    • For Melbourne the main causes of traffic congestion as main groups are probably school traffic, construction, retail, transport, and then single driven cars to work
      - retail/2021 office workers or Uber driven cars. Once it get's back to covid normal I suspect traffic will return as normal, but a little less as some ppl will still have the odd WFH days. Certainly last year after lockdown the traffic didn't improve that much for me anyway. The noticeable difference only ever comes when the school holidays were on. No SUVs doing drop off or p8ck upm Would save between 15 to 30min depending on the day. Tuesday seemed to be the worst. I travel up Punt and Hoddle.

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    I'm trying to work out what commute times will be like when things go back to 'normal'

    Wouldn't there be more private vehicle use since people will avoid public transport more compared to pre-pandemic, even in normal times?

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      That's the case in SA already.

  • After lockdown 6.2 here in Melbourne I reckon traffic will return to fairly normal…. that ain't a good thing for our daily commutes. That being said many are WFH and can guarantee a lot like this arrangement. Though my work is encouraging a 60% WFH and 40% office time to connect with colleagues etc. It isn't mandatory though.

    Also the whole being double vaxxed and being able to get into the office process. While a lot of work places won't "mandate" it like the Education and more recently the building industry, there is unspoken pressure for everyone to get vaccinated, if you don't then it is heavily frowned upon.

    I am sure a lot of people want to WFH but also the option to go into the Office for a change. Hopefully this is the case as the City depends on it (talking about Melbourne).

  • when things go back to 'normal'

    Yeah, pretty sure that’s not happening in vic

  • My commute times are not that much different.. They got quicker for a while, now SNAFU. - this is in Vic.

    • oh, Sydney is still in lockdown since 2-3 months ago

      • so are we… but things feel 'back to normal' as in how many people are out and about daily…

  • Ummmm….why?

    • I'm trying to work out commute times when working out where to live.

      • Where are you looking - roughly to where

        • cbd to North side around the spit bridge

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            @alex123711: Probably should mention Sydney somewhere in your post then?