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Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwasher Tablets, 42 tablets $16.65 S&S + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


As per title, lowest price according to camel camel, seems to work very well to keep glassware clear and free of cloudiness marks with hard water.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Wasn't a fan of the smell these leave, thought there was something wrong with our dishwasher leaving a bad odour after a wash, but put 2 and 2 together and i only started noticing after switching from the platinum to platinum plus.

    I ended up buying the Platinum as they were the same price as plus but a 52 pack.


    • Platinium or Platinum PLus? best option/reco would be?

    • It happened same with me. It has smell after use.

    • waiting for Finish to go on sale again.

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    140 pack is also on sale. Cheaper than 42 pack at 39c a tab (S&S)

  • Platinum or Platinum PLus?

  • I have been using three l these for a while and am happy. But wondering what the ALDI ones are like?

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    Same unit price as Finish Powerball quantum.


    Do people actually need these expensive tablets?

    • yep just like they need the latest iPhone, Samsung, LG tv etc

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      Do people actually need these expensive tablets?

      No they don't.. https://youtu.be/Ll6-eGDpimU

      • great video

        shouldn't we use powder instead and add it to prewash too?

        the video is too long

        what is dishwasher salt?

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          Dishwasher salt is used to prevent scale building up in your dishwasher. Check with your state water board to see if you have "hard water". Some people claim to use pool salt. Just make sure that the salt you use does not have any additives and are large granules. Do not use table salt as that will mix with the water as apposed to the water going over the salt.

      • Nice video that is worth watching

    • I used to think I needed the expensive ones.
      A few months ago I tried the Coles brand tablets ($6 for 40 tablets/15c per tablet), totally not expecting them to be any good, and I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t tell the difference.
      I also find the expensive ones have a strong chemical scent, whereas the Coles ones only have a faint pleasant scent.

      My dishes always come out sparkling clean, even glassware. I’ll never go back to the Finish or Fairy brands.

      Probably worth noting that I always rinse my dishes pretty well before putting them in the dishwasher, so I’m not sure how the cheaper tablets perform on really dirty dishes.

  • I just get the finish 110 pack for $12.99. are these that much better?

  • Thanks OP. I got the regular platinum 100pc (20 x 5) for $33 SS.

  • Yeh logged in to say that its OOS, but the post is updated

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    Somebody needs to watch the new Technology Connections video:


  • Generally, is it worth buying these premium tablets over regular finish tablets? My dishwashing load is made up mostly of ceramics and very rarely glassware.


    • I got frustrated with Finish tablets doing a generally crappy job. The Aldi ones were just as bad, if not worse. Even the cheapo Fairy tablet (the yellow and green one) produced far better results in my experience.

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