Bought Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case but Now I Need Fans, Which Ones?

Hi I just bought a Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case, comes with standard black boring fans, only two. I need more and thinking RGB to ''boost resell value.'' should I bother with that or just get plain good black ones, if not I found these cheap ones but there might be issues with noise or cooling. - upHere Long Life Computer Case Fan 120mm Cooling Case Fan for Computer Cases Cooling,5-Pack,RGB $46.99

What to do?


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    That is a beauty, got the same :-)

    I've put in 3 iCUE SP120 RGB Pro fans at the front to push air in

    and 2 iCUE SP140 RGB Pro fans at the top to push air out ( came with controller )

    and a non RBG ( that came with the Tower ) at the pack to push air out

    and a big fat ugly Noctua NH-U11A CPU Cooler.

    Keeps the system very cool.

    • Those Noctua coolers seem better than the AIO these days. Esp. reliability. I have the trusty DH14 and still going. Those mustardy coloured fans .. ew

      • Yes, but was told by LukeTech ( i think ), that shipping PC with Noctuas or other similar fans, puts a huge stress on the motherboard. So packaging has to be extremely well done. Nice contrast with all the other lights :-) in the PC

    • those fans cost a lot

  • ok i just got 3 Corsair SP 120mm Fan RGB PRO Single Pack. for $40 will i need a hub for lights?

  • A little more expensive, but the Lian Li Bora lite 120mm fans are excellent and look great too. Just a suggestion though.

    • I've heard mixed reviews on the Lian Li Bora range. I was looking at some of those myself to deck out my Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic Razer Edition.
      Might just end up going with Noctua NF-F12's, or Phanteks T30-120's instead.

      • Just pulled the trigger on another set of bora’s. Ill let you know how they go in my new build.