Women's & Men's Made by Ugg Australia Eildon Boots $59.50 (RRP $165) Delivered @ Ugg Australia


Link to Mens: https://uggaustralia.com.au/collections/made-by-ugg-australi...

Footy Finals Frenzy!

Wear your uggs this weekend as you support Melbourne and the Bulldogs in the Grand Final.

Our weekly production of the new season spring lamb. 100 pairs in each colour ONLY! Available in CHESTNUT, CHOCOLATE, BLACK & BLUE.

UGG Australia Boots, REAL Australian Merino sheepskin

100% Australian Made and owned.

Support Australian Manufacturing. 100% Australian made and owned.

Our classic 'Ugg Eildon' is a timeless design that has endured since our beginnings. A perfect hassle free option for active lifestyle will keep your feet cosy and warm on those cool days. Available in Black, Chestnut, Chocolate & Blue.

Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over four decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery", for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.
We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.
Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
Contact details - If you can't find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
Where are your skins from?
Where are they processed?
Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia?
Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.
All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne.

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  • +1

    Wear your uggs this weekend

    Pretty sure if I order today I won't get them by the AFL GF weekend.

  • Any deals on the Bondi 3/4 women's please?

  • I'd like another pair, but the last pair I bought tore above the heel within two weeks. I still wore them (this past winter), but they are toast now. Only one winter is a bit disappointing. I usually like to demote a pair to outdoor use for a second season, but these simply aren't up to it.

    Maybe I got some bad skin in mine.

    • We have a 3 month warranty , free exchange and also can repair …. Therefore if you see any fault , please raise the issue and message/pm or email; [email protected]

      • Nice to know….though I do tend to buy these when they are on discount, and then don't wear them until the following winter…so I'm well outside of three months now. I actually bought this particular pair in Feb 2020 (Black mini Ugg), and didn't pull them out until maybe May this year. I originally bought two pair, and the other I wore last winter (they had to go in the bin afterwards).

        To be honest, it's not the sort of item I really want to be going back and forth about making warranty claims anyway.

        I want the Australian product to be better than foreign…I really do. It sucks that a US company took IP over the name 'Ugg', which frankly should just be considered a generic term in my opinion. Getting skin/leather that's been tanned in Australia, that's just bloody fantastic! It really is great!

        Just that…in winter, I'm pretty much in Ugg boots whenever I'm slothing around in the house. Unless I'm planning on leaving the house. I put them on first thing in the morning. The Ozwear Connection Ugg's I bought years back…they lasted pretty well - easily two seasons out of a pair, and even then the skin wasn't tearing (but the inner sole is getting quite lumpy by that point). I don't expect simple sheepskin boots to last like bovine full grain, they are going to wear out pretty quickly for sure, but you still prefer it if the skin hangs in there for a while.

        The Ozwear item is made in China though…and I would much rather support Australian.

        So…my next pair will probably be another of these Ugg Australia boots, since sentimentality trumps my pragmatism. I don't know what's going into the Chinese ones, but my impression is that the skins used are a little sturdier. Not sure what's going on. Sole definitely feels better in Ugg Australia boots though.

        • Well said! 🤗🙌
          Thank you for supporting us and not just Australian farming however Australian Manufacturing as well! 🇦🇺