Warning for Those Who Purchased A TechFast Build (Crappy Build Quality)

So I bought an AMD build from them, and usually the CPU fan should be screwed into the motherboard, so it applies maximum pressure.

Anyway, I decided that I was going to change the CPU fan and I was trying to unscrew the existing AMD cpu fan and I couldn't figure out why the screws weren't changing pressure. Turns out, that they weren't screwed in at all! In fact, they had no ability to be screwed in, either because the computer was missing parts (possibly the case was really crappy), or the motherboard was incompatible with the CPU fan. I was shocked.

Probably worth checking your own build to see if the CPU fan is actually screwed into the motherboard. Otherwise, the thermal paste is literally the only thing holding it together.

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      He has. This is every places support forum.

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      Why on earth would OP need/want to contact Support?!


      OP: "So I bought a PC from you and it's clear you (profanity)-up the build"

      TechFast: "You know how it goes, champ…. Low cost. Fast delivery. Quality build. PICK TWO."

      OP: "Oh….yeah."

      TechFast: "So you want support to learn how to screw-in your CPU fan?"

      OP: "Thanks. Great Chat."

      • OP: "So I bought a PC from you and it's clear you (profanity)-up the build"
        TechFast: "You know how it goes, champ…. Low cost. Fast delivery. Quality build. PICK TWO."
        OP: "Oh….yeah."
        TechFast: "Fatal error between keyboard and chair- return to manufacturer"
        OP: "Thanks. Great Chat."

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    I couldn't figure out

    lol, no way that cooler shipped intact with just thermal paste.

    • Yeah, I have no idea either.

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    Which cooler was it? Cause the Wraith Prism and Wraith Max are held on by clips.

    • It was the standard AMD cooler that comes with the Ryzen 3600. Clips? I see four screws, one on each corner.

      • That's the Wraith Stealth, and yeah that has 4 screws.

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    A photo tells a thousand words.

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      I've released now that what's missing are the parts which are supposed to be attached to the motherboard, which you then screw the CPU fan onto.

      Don't see much point posting a picture of the motherboard without those items.

  • Pretty sure the stock CPU cooler has black plastic mounts that are screwed into the MB. These black plastic mounts hold down the cooler with clips that are not adjustable and apply the correct force for retention and heat dissipation.

    • Do you know if they're supposed to come with the MB or the CPU?

      • Generally with the CPU and stock cooler kit.

        Can you locate the black plastic swivel handle on the side of the cooler? It swings about 180 degrees clockwise to loosen the retention clips.

        • Prism has mounts and retention clips.
          Stock cooler has four plastic lock pins that only require half turn to engage/disengage - fixed directly to motherboard mounting holes/backplate.

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      Those plastic mounts come pre-attached to the motherboard and only the Wraith Prism and Wraith Max uses them. Wraith Prism comes with Ryzen 7 and 9 CPUs.

      Other CPUs come with either Wraith Stealth or Wraith Spire which are attached by 4 screws. These need those retention clip mounts to be removed before installing.

  • What is the CPU & MB ? I had to tightly screw (even then I was not sure whether it is properly screwed) my Ryzen 5600X's stock Wraith Stealth cooler with four black screws (came in place with the cooler) to the metal plate underneath the Gigabyte B550 motherboard when I assembled it.

    found a how-to video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW__5fmMvJs

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    Photo? Perhaps OP is the issue?