Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB $1949.99 Delivered (RRP $2019) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Multiple colours available.. Other models also available too

iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB $2,619.99 [RRP $2719]
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB $2,289.99 [RRP $2369]

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $1,649.99 [RRP $1,699]
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB $2,149.99 [RRP $2,219]

iPhone 13 128GB $1,299.99 [RRP $1,349]
iPhone 13 256GB $1,469.99 [RRP $1,519]
iPhone 13 512GB $1,799.99 [RRP $1,869]

iPhone 13 Mini 128GB $1,159.99 [RRP $1,199]
iPhone 13 Mini 256GB $1,319.99 [RRP $1,369]
iPhone 13 Mini 512GB $1,319.99 [RRP $1,719] (Looks like a Costco Pricing Error) <— Best deal for the size

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  • Roughly 5% off

  • Does jb price match Costco?

    • +4

      Considering one needs to pay $60 before they can even shop at Costco, 99.5% unlikely.

      • -1

        possibly another $1000 if caught by police

        • Coppers are too busy arresting all those protesters who are demanding access to Ivermectin (horse dewormer medication) rather than the actual vaccine.

  • +1

    how is costco able to discount iphones on release thats crazy

    • +3

      They don’t offer gift cards so it’s basically same as other retailers.

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      jb hifi or good guys gift card always have 5% off

      • but its a daily limit of 1k?

    • If you read into it, Costco actually makes a loss on a lot of product lines, however they know this is how they get people into their store. Once they're in people generally don't walk out empty handed.

  • +1

    +1 for the pricing error.

  • What is Costco's delivery time normally like for this sort of thing?

    • Not great if they are fulfilling the order, it took them 4 weeks to send me a gaming headset, I went via costco to 'save' $5 on it, but would have been better off going via Amazon in hindsight.

    • +1

      6 months if they use AusPost

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    far out a phone costs 3 grand!

    • +2

      You should see the price of designer handbags and shoes. They can't tell the time nor make a phone call but can easily cost a month wage and more.

    • Whats next? You going to complain that a Ferrari costs 500k?

  • Arun thinks it has macro now, about the only fix over the 12
    Still does reasonable videos

  • Anyone know what the going rate is for a kidney nowadays?

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  • how is that a bargain?

    • Only for those people who consider 3% - 5% off is a great deal for $2K phones.

    • +1

      How often do Apple products get any kind of a discount on launch day?
      I think it quite unusual.

    • How does an Apple user mind work?

    • Ozspoiltbrat

  • Does officework price beat costco for 5% ?

    • No, Officeworks wouldn't even price beat a 12 Pro in April I was getting for partner's mum from Catch Marketplace, even though it was locally delivered Australian stock from a retailer with an ABN.

      Dreaming if you think they'd entertain Costco pricing.

      If you are with Telstra, you can use those Telstra Points to go towards a phone instore outright. You can also pool points from other accounts from family if they aren't going to use them.

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      Good to know, do tell us more how that relates to this deal in anyway

  • 512GB iphone mini is not available anymore.

  • Looks like all Pro and Pro Max are gone.

  • Anyone knows when these will be shipped?