Solar Inverter Cover

Got new solar system and trying to build inverter cover. Awning is not really suitable as it’s too close to the fence and the awning would hang over the fence.

Anyone has any tips or solutions they would share?


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    You could probably knock up something like this yourself? Looks like a good weekend project.

    • They look good, not sure if affects airflow at all

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    couple of 450mm shelf angles and a piece off cut polycarbonate roof

    cost probably $20 with some screws and anchors..

    enough to keep rain and sun off it.

    if you want something that looks nice as well, then that's a different story. i like the examples linked above,

  • I was actually looking at the ones above before. But some of the aluminium angles are only being sold in 6 meters length and that pushes the cost well in line with the ones from the link above.

    • Unfortunately there seems to be regulation where the inverters can’t be in enclosed box. They can have shade from the top or front but have to have sides open for ventilation.

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    Why? Is it not outdoor rated?

    If you must, make sure there is suitable ventilation.

    • Yes it is but too much sun can overheat the inverter and shorter it’s lifespan. Read my long comment bellow why my landlord didn’t want to place it on the east side wall. 🤯

  • I built a frame from light 25x25 timber, covered it with shade cloth and attached it to the inverter with double sided tape. Still working 9 years later

    • Any chance of a pic, struggling to picture this!

      • I don't live there anymore, so can't get a photo but I was there 3 weeks back and it was still in place.

        It was a cover around 3 sides and I left the top open as that was where the heatsink is. It was to stop direct sunlight on the inverter.

        If the installer had half a brain they would have mounted it elsewhere.

  • Are you saying theres not enough space to put an awning like this?

    If so, is this not below the minimum required setback of 900mm?

    • It could work but (this is where it gets complicated). my landlord even though she agreed to put the system on after me pushing her to do it she said to the installers that she hates solar panels and energy with passion. She told them to put the labels to the far back of the roof so no one can see it from the street. The installers told her the best place for the inverter would be on the east side of the house where it’s shade and pretty much protected from the direct sun and the inverter wouldn’t need shading/cover. She hated the idea because that side is visible from the street so she instructed them to put the inverter on the other side where sun literally burns all day but be sure there’s fence to the alley she told them to position under the top line of the fence so it’s not again visible from the street. So that awning would prevent from anyone accessing the side of the house.

      I know. It doesn’t make sense but I’m happy that she at least installed them.

    • It may not work depending on the angle of the sun. not enough pitch.

  • Are you sure it's needed? Our area, most are on a wall right on the edge, so while there's a cover from overhead shade, you get sun hitting it from the side most of the day. That's how it's installed, so I guess that's what it is.

    • read one of my comments above. My landlord is a bit of a lunatic. At least she agreed to install the panels but when the installers came she told them that she hates solar with passion and that she doesn't it to be visible. So she instructed the installers to put the panels further to the back of the street and even though the installers said the inverter should be on the east side of the house where it wouldn't need extra sun protection she demanded to being put on the west side. On that side there's a fence to alley and she told them to put the inverter and switches bellow the level of the fence so no one can see it from the street. The inverter itself is water and weather proof but apparently too much sun exposure might cause it damage.

  • What sort of wall are you putting it on? brick, weatherboard…?

    Couple of bits of timber plus some shade cloth should do it. Make a frame slightly bigger than the box, staple/nail/glue some shade cloth onto it.

    Although, my guess is if you have to ask here, DIY isn’t a strong suit of yours.

    • Because I asked about peoples potential solutions means my DYI skills are poor? 😂 well, I leave you with your delusional assumption 🙄🤣🤣

      • A handy person should be able to knock something up after spending 5min on google getting ideas. Just my assumption.

        • I didn’t say I want anyone else to do it for me neither that I want to buy the whole thing. I was looking for inspiration and/or other solutions. Landlord wants to put shove it some bulky ugly canopy which would prevent easy access to the side of the house. I told her I’ll make something sleeker and not so obstructive.

          There’s no harm in asking other people for their solutions. Isn’t what the forums are for? 🤔🙄

          • @ThisIsNotZeus: They knee plus colourbond sheet, or weathwrboards?make a frame slightly larger than the unit, leave the top open. Probably need some hinges on it so you can access the unit.