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[PS4] Resident Evil 3 - $10 (Click and Collect Limited Stock) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hifi having a sale with some decent prices but found that this one is the best. However it's pick-up only so be quick.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    Some of their games that got delivered last time were not new…
    Their StreamCam from them was opened and had missing manuals etc

    • To be fair, this happens at every retailer.

      I got a resealed item from Officeworks. It was probably returned as new by another customer.

      Partially Officeworks fault for not checking properly.

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        Happens to EB a lot more than others.
        Recently JB Hi Fi has been guilty of this.

        • Yupe, I bought a game from EB from recent sale. The copy I received is sealed, but can clearly see that the case and cover is a bit worn. Definitely resealed. Couldn't bother to return because sold out in many places.

    • Not new as in unsealed? Or visibly worn? If the store it's sent from doesn't have any sealed stock left they would have to pull it from the floor, which they keep the discs behind the counter for. It's still new, and JB generally doesn't accept returns on software.

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        Unsealed and visibly worn.
        Looks like returned stock.
        We can reject these, but under lockdown who is going to bother?

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        This is not true. I've returned unwrapped games plenty of times at JB. That said, I'd give my $ to JB any day over EB Games, those scumbags.

        I went to EB Games to return a game 1 day after purchase and they said they don't accept returns unless faulty. All I got was the option to exchange to an equal or higher priced item. Never returning to EB ever again.

        • Before PS5: EB are scumbags.

          EB offering amazing trade with purch of PS5.

          EB, you're my best friend.!

        • they're return policy is listed as 7 days?

          19.1 Change of mind
          If you have simply changed your mind and you are able to provide a valid receipt, or you are a member of our loyalty program EB World, EB Games may offer you an exchange or refund provided that the merchandise:

          is in brand-new, resalable condition
          is unworn or unused with all original packaging and content included
          is not subject to the exclusions listed below (19.2)
          and the exchange or refund is sought within 7 days of purchase. At times throughout the year, EB Games may in its sole discretion extend the 7 day period to allow for gift giving periods such as Christmas.

          If you are unable to provide a valid receipt and/or 7 days has passed since the original purchase date, EB Games at its absolute discretion reserves the right not to offer an exchange or refund for change of mind. In such cases, EB Games may, at its absolute discretion, provide you with an exchange to the current value of the merchandise.

          EB Games is not required to provide you with a copy of your original receipt to facilitate an exchange, refund, insurance or warranty claim.

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            @godofpizza: Thanks for this. The guy at EB Games Sydney (Myer) just told me they've changed their policy due to the lockdown. I knew it was BS, but I also wanted to get another game.

            Just sharing this with everyone so you don't fall for the same shit they dish out at EB. Bunch of scum.

            • @Urban Warrior Ninja: i had a simlair issue, i order a few pre-owned games from my local eb.
              I called the store beforehand to comfirm if they're complete with coverslip etc. Never could get thru to the store's phone. Decided to order anyway and when i picked them up they're weren't complete. They did offer store credit though.

              • @godofpizza:

                They did offer store credit though

                Shouldn't it be a full refund to original payment method? you haven't even collected the items.

                • @wekimekigugudan: should have. The store guy was saying they couldn't do refunds with click and collect./covid arrangements. Order it again from another store, they called me up ( to say it was only a disc) and I was able to have a nicer copy shipped from a different store. Not worth the hassle for a <$20 game.

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      EB Games does this too and it's really frustrating. I ordered Shenmue 3 from them at box was heavily scratched and the inside info sheet was bent and torn.

      Amazon and BigW online are two I've never had issues with.

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        Amazon and BigW online are two I've never had issues with.

        These days Big W my video game purchases are all from store stock.

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      JB HiFi are awful for this.
      Last order nearly half of my games were unsealed, covers worn and ripped on edges, manuals creased, scratches on discs, one case even badly water damaged and covered in stains.
      All "brand new" games, what a joke.

      And to people saying but "insert name of other retailer" does this also, why does that make it acceptable?
      Utterly puzzling logic.

      • i agree with this. and this happened in store.. thy gave me a ps4 case with broken edges. i was like wtf. and told them off only to give me a case with two disc inserts when the game originally has 1 disc only. bunch of baboons.

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      From my last purchase

      Game arrived unsealed, no store within 50km radius from me had stock. Included manual inside was bent and the case was dented. Disc had 2 scratches on it.

      Took it to JB the next day for return, Joe Blow at the counter said “let me go to the store room and get you a new one.” As he walks there I can literally see this clown trying to bend the case back in shape

      He comes back and says to me “I found a new one in the store room.” He obviously replaced it with another PS4 case. I took the game and said “now go get me the one I just gave you and bring it back so I can compare.”

      Spends the next 5 minutes trying to convince me it was a new one. I insist he go get the other one back. In the end I got a refund and had to spend another 5 minutes fighting for my delivery fee refunded too…. Never again

      I only buy from Ozgameshop and Amazon UK now. The Europe versions also come with the PS4 authenticity sticker/peel which makes it even easier to identify if it has been resealed

      • I only buy from Ozgameshop

        I received two resealed games from them.

        Recently bought a Wii game no mention of it being a used copy, the game came resealed, generic white case, disc with scratches and the manual just isn't new.

        The other a PS4 game, obvious a reseal as the previous plastic wrap is still stuck inside. lol

        But other than that I do like buying from them too.

        • I’ve purchased hundreds from Ozgameshop and only ever received resealed games the last month or so. Not sure why. They’ve now sent me 3 in total resealed, if it arrives with no PS4 peel off sticker I automatically return

          Received 3 resealed now the last month. Hope this doesn’t continue but other than those 3, been all sealed

          • @OCD Completionist:

            those 3, been all sealed

            That's dodgy asf

            I automatically return

            Remember to activate PayPal free returns, sending it back to the UK is costly, if you expect OGS to cover the postage it will only be paid as store credit from what I've read in the Q&A.

            • @wekimekigugudan:

              Remember to activate PayPal free returns, sending it back to the UK is costly, if you expect OGS to cover the postage it will only be paid as store credit.

              Yeah this is what I do, have you tried doing both and get free store credit as well? Will they know you think?

              Tempted to try with the dodgy reseal returns :)

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    Decent price for a DLC

  • Great deal but only showing me NSW stores.

    • In NSW, I've got no stock within 200km :\

  • None near me (ACT), guess ill wait for another deal

  • Still available within Brisbane CBD three stores. (as at 11:22am online payment interface)

    I'm nearly going to buy (as true OzBer - buy first think later). I discovered I have 2 copies at home right now. : ) LOL… Just stop buying.

  • borderline insufficient stock.

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    2+3 combo are on sale on PSN for $45 for psn members, if y'all want digital

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    Got it for $9.95 at EB Games last month. It’s still sitting in my pile of shame.

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      I got it for $9.00 last year at EB games when they had a sale.

  • I would still wait for 5 bucks. It's a very average entry to the series and is quite short with little replay-ability.

    • +1

      Seriously? It's well worth $10 and you'll be waiting a while for it to get to $5 if it ever does

      • It was 5 bucks on ebgames in the past.

        • Can't seem to find it from previous posts. Must have been an extremely limited clearance.

          If you're even remotely interested in the game you should just buy it now as it's well worth the asking price

  • Rumour is this is getting a revised remake to add in all the areas and content they missed out.
    For the price worthwhile but it was disappointing compared to the orginal game.

    • That would be new. Remake of remake? lol

  • Is the storyline any diffident to the old ps3 RE3?