[NSW] McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken

In NSW, I can only found McDonald's Waterloo and Waitara that sell Southern Style Chicken. I think it tastes good and very crispy but not spicy as KFC Hot n Spicy. Must try!
Does anyone know where else we can buy this?


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    This was a standard menu item in the 1970s.
    They dropped chicken pieces when they introduced nuggets.

    • Was Maccas better in the 70s?

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        Much smaller menu. While the chicken was tasty, there were fewer other options.
        Much fewer limited time special burgers, maybe none at all.
        The menu was junior, cheeseburger, quarter, fillet and bigmac plus fries. Sundae, apple pie and cookies. OJ and softdrinks plus pot coffee and tea.
        No breakfast, no chicken burgers. No meal deals.
        Aluminium ashtrays on every table you could flatten and frisbee.

        That said, I was a kid and Maccas was a rare treat, so pretty exciting.

        I knew one family that ate there pretty often, maybe once a fortnight, but most people ate at home 7 nights a week.
        Takeaway night was a bbq chook and bag of hot chips. The local Chinese or Black stump steakhouse for a birthday night out. Pizza was cooked by an Italian man and we bought one for a family of four.

        • Thanks for sharing. I think you had a great family time with home cook meals.

          • @kokita: Still do, but I wouldn't go back. The food was incredibly bland. I didn't taste a stir fried noodles until I was an adult.

            I went to yum cha for the first time when I was 14 and it was a revelation.
            I was older than that the first time I had Thai or Vietnamese.

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    These probably arrive in-store prebattered and frozen, like the rest of their chicken. Probably from Steggles too.
    And wouldn't you know it, Steggles has a product with the exact same name

    Not saying it won't be tasty, just a bit more factory made than KFC, who batter the chicken in store if I'm not mistaken. Which gives you that nice hit-and-miss inconsistency where you risk some bland pieces for the occasional awesome piece that's mostly coating

    • yes… that Steggles product looks the same. I was wondering if other local chicken shops (Red Lea for example) are selling similar product.

      I agree if KFC is next level in preparing the chicken fresh.

  • For those who haven't tried fried chicken at red rooster I would recommend it.

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