Healthy Choice 23L Air Fryer Oven $99 Delivered @ Harris Scarfe


• Features: 23 Litre Air Fryer Oven, temperature and cooking time
selector dials, transparent viewing window, oven light, 3 layers
simultaneous cooking, four stainless steel heating elements on the top
for quick meals, overheat protection, four accessories
• Accessories: Baking tray, wire rack, mesh basket and pan handle
• Power: 1700 Watts
• Cooking Temperature: 90°C – 230°C
• Cooking Time: 60 minutes
• Capacity: 23L
• Housing Body: Black stainless steel
• Measurements: 40.4cm x 37.6cm x 34.8cm
• Weight: 5.6kgs

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  • +1

    Is this good for pizza?

    • +3

      I have similar; excellent for frozen pizza, pies etc.

      For bread baking reduce temperature and time by ~10% from normal recommendation.

      As a rule of thumb I find less heat, shorter times. You'll need to experiment.

      FYI, not happy with the chips & fries. They turn out too soggy, despite the seemingly excellent fan driven air circulation. I'm still working it out.

      Oh, and these things should be preheated, unlike the smaller units. Also, they get quite hot all around, so stand away from sensitive surfaces.

      That in mind, I like the thing.

  • +3

    This just looks like a mini oven. An Air Fryer's uniqueness is the way it vortexes hot air to cook contents and how you get crispy food…

    • I had the same thought. When did the benchtop / compact ovens start being called air fryers?

    • The fan and heat elements are at the top. The air blows down.

    • +1

      It's called clever "marketing" :)

  • oos

  • +1

    same price at Kogan without the idiotic WAS $249

    click bait

    • Lol

  • The irony of an Air Fryer being named as the Healthy Choice

    • Rename a product to have a fancy name and sell the same product :)

      • Heard about heat stick??

  • website is cooked when trying to checkout?!

  • +1

    Practically no insulation and single glass get really hot. Basically smaller and much crappier table top version of oven you already have.