Minecraft for Switch - Which Version?

My 7 year old is really keen for Minecraft on the Switch.
I read that many people say that it's not great on the Switch but which one is better/more fun?

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition - Nintendo Switch


Minecraft - Nintendo Switch Super Mario Mashup

They're both $38 on Amazon.


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    Dungeons is a different game.

    He wants the second link. Don't worry about what other people say.. the kid will love it (on the condition you let him watch YouTube in his spare time, where he'll grab a lot of tips and tricks).

  • The original would likely be more fun.. Dungeons is more combat related where the other is creative based.

    Only downside to the switch version of the 'creative' is that there is no public services for online play - it may have been updated now though, but that was my experience when I played it a few years back.

    • Its fully cross platform online now.

      (The normal version of minecraft that is)

  • They are both completely different types of gameplay can't compare them to each other, depends what they want.

    Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler. Where as Minecraft is the original game, where you build stuff etc.

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    My kids (11, 7 and 4) have Minecraft on Switch and they have no complaints - I'm not really sure why the Switch version would be considered "not great".

    I would definitely recommend standard - it is far more versatile and is the one my kids still play. It allows for Cross-play so one can be on Switch and another on Xbox and another on tablet all playing together.

    As a bonus the Switch version has a Nintendo themed mode with costumes and sounds etc. Just note that Cross-play isn't available with this mode

    • Can you please clarify if this cross play version allows a single copy to be played on multiple platforms??

      I already owned/purchased Minecraft on Windows 10, PS4 and Xbox One previously. PS4 and Xbox One versions are physical copies.

      I have two PCs at home. One of my sons recently asked me to buy another copy of Windows 10 for him on the second PC, so he can play with his brother.

      TBH, I am a bit annoyed with Microsoft. I just find that it is ridiculous that I have buy the same game so many times, just to play it on different devices.

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        Don't quote me as I think it's a bit of a mixed bag for me.

        I've obviously purchased a copy for the Switch (digital) and I think it cost $10 on my daughters tablet and I believe that the XBox is part of Game Pass - so I have purchased multiple times myself - a pain but that seems to be the digital way

        • Thanks for clarifying. I suspect another issue is the different version of Minecraft. I don't think the multiple copy of Minecraft I own on different platforms are the same version, so they can't actually cross-play with each other across the different platform/devices.

          It is almost like we need a Minecraft degree to get this right. :)

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    Thanks so much guys! Glad I asked!