Anyone Had a DJI Drone Repaired?

Hey guys,

Just had a mishap with my Mavic mini with the wind blowing a heavy object onto it while it was on the ground.

Seems to have done some type of electronic damage as I can't handshake it with the DJI app anymore.

Has anyone got one repaired? Was it expensive and who would you recommend I send it to for a quote?



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    My dad had his repaired by DJI, but it was a warranty claim - the drone was randomly disconnecting from the controller mid flight.

    DJI worked closely with him to try and identify the issue and ultimately he sent it atay and had it repaired, however as it was under warranty he wasn't charged for it.

    So you could definitely start with DJI, but also get other quotes on the side if you want to ensure you're getting a good price.

  • I drowned mine in a river. It was under warranty though, and DJI determined the drone to be at fault (based on footage and flight data). I was shipped a new one.

    If my drone were damaged/faulty, and out of warranty, I would try to repair it myself (though I am handy with a soldering iron). It would probably be cheaper to source several parts than to pay somebody else to do so.

    Of course, if you're not comfortable with doing that, then it's off to a repair shop. If it's one of the more expensive drones, I would contact DJI directly - but a Mavic Mini is not one of the more expensive drones. You would probably be better of sourcing a new one in a sale.

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    Mini1? not worth repair

    • that's not really a helpful statement. What if the problem is really small and it gets repaired for $50?